splenorenal shunt

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sple·no·re·nal shunt

n. derivación esplenorrenal, anastomosis de la vena o arteria esplénica a la vena renal esp. en el tratamiento de la hipertensión portal.
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Out of 15(50%) patients with extra hepatic portal vein obstruction (EHPVO) 9(29.7%) patients underwent distal splenorenal shunt surgery, while 2(6.6%) patients were lost to follow-up.
Effects of restoring portal flow with anticoagulation and partial splenorenal shunt embolization.
Our center has previously performed BRTO assisted cyanoacrylate injection for patients with large gastrorenal shunt or splenorenal shunt (data reported elsewhere).
As reported in literature, RPA should be the strategy of choice when the patient has a preexistent spontaneous or surgically constructed splenorenal shunt prior to LT [12].
Surgical reversal of the RYGB anatomy in one patient, and occlusion of a splenorenal shunt in another patient, have improved clinical trajectories (6, 7).