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Noun1.split down - a decrease in the number of outstanding shares of a corporation without changing the shareholders' equity
reduction, step-down, diminution, decrease - the act of decreasing or reducing something
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I could n't stand against this, and withdrew with her to a neighboring house, where I had been but a few minutes before the hellish crew fell upon my house with the rage of devils, and in a moment with axes split down the doors and entered.
Of course my shoeless foot suffered dreadfully; the hoof was broken and split down to the very quick, and the inside was terribly cut by the sharpness of the stones.
One of these old towers is split down the middle, and one half has tumbled aside.
His first two shafts had packed themselves into the small space left at the bull's-eye; while his third had split down between them, taking half of each, and making all three appear from a distance, as one immense arrow.
I rapped Prince on the nose, while Ordinsky explained that he had not had his dress clothes on for a long time, and tonight, when he was going to play for a concert, his waistcoat had split down the back.
Descending the laurel walk, I faced the wreck of the chestnut-tree; it stood up black and riven: the trunk, split down the centre, gasped ghastly.
Top Tories are still split down the middle on Brexit, with Home Secretary Amber Rudd declaring this week that Britain leaving Europe with no agreement is "unthinkable".
He said they had a split down the middle so ladies wearing floor-length dresses did not need to take them off "to do anything they might need to do".
Now more than ever we need a leader to unite a United Kingdom, split down the middle.
Scheuerle developed a new variation of SPMT that is literally split down the middle along its entire length.
US Jews like nuclear deal with Iran: A poll taken by the American Jewish Committee finds American Jews are split down the middle on the nuclear deal with Iran.