split pair

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Contract award notice: 6t cryogen-free split pair magnet system fr epr/esr-anwendungen.
Here is a 3-way split pair of antonyms ('these' and 'those'):
This Zero-Cross termination eliminates the split pair, pair-crossing and pair untwisting responsible for increased signal noise and performance degradation common in non-PCB RJ-45 plugs.
Jamie Spencer needs to find a seamstress after failing to change a split pair of breeches during his treble Pack your bags Rajeem - her Listed win hints at her following the well-trodden path of other Clive Brittain-trained fillies around the foreign Guineas next year
1 T magnet in a split pair configuration, with a coil diameter of about one meter.
POTS features include load coil, open, short, bridge tap, and splice detection and location; split pair identification; voltage, current, and resistance measurement; and loop length calculation.
The Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM) at Linkping University needs to purchase a superconducting split pair magnet with four optical port for experiments in the THz spectral range.
Here is a 3-way split pair of antonyms ('these' and 'those'): threstle (trestle)--throstle (a thrush)
Let us call these split pair isograms (SPIs for short).
The Z-MAX Smart Plug's Zero-Crossao termination process also eliminates the split pair and pair-cross condition that is the primary cause of inconsistent or degraded transmission performance common in traditional, non-PCB RJ-45 plugs.
Specifically, they are split pair isograms with the letters of the first half of the word rearranged to make the second half of the word.
We can call these split pair isograms (SPIs for short) in which the letters in the first half of the word are repeated, in a different order, in the second half (HORSESHOER); and non-split pair isograms (NSPIs) in which this is not the case (APPEASES).