split shot

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1.In croquet, etc., a shot or stroke in which one drives in different directions one's own and the opponent's ball placed in contact.
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Drift fishing the grassflats inside Dunedin Pass with live shrimp under a popping cork, a split shot, and a couple of feet of fluorocarbon leader attached to a 4/0 circle hook will produce trout, flounder, sheepshead, redfish, bluefish, snook and Spanish mackerel here.
When extra weight is needed, add split shot or a bullet sinker to the setup.
my skinny brother and me attach split shot and bobber, and on our
As minnows shoal in abundance at Fontburn Reservoir, a spinner is still favoured, especially weighted with split shot and let sink.
The 23lb 10oz monster trout was tempted by maggot on a 4lb breaking strain leader with a couple of split shot and took about 20 minutes to land, before being safely returned to the depths.
A useful tip is, if you find the floats are too light to cast, then you can include a split shot or two into the cork or Kaylite when you make them.
4 Storage capacity SDSC(minimum 2GB), SDHC: up to 32GB, SDXC: up to 64GB Interface i-Launcher Add-ons Smart filter, magic frame, split shot modes Battery 4 x AA type Dimensions 114.
With Split Shot, the screen can be divided into three separate shots and up to three different photographs created by blending them together.
89sec split shot Bandicoot Tipoki clear of Glenard Sunrise and Bubbly Maestro.
Split shot can be pinched onto the line in a group down near the hook or can be spread up the line, with the largest shot placed closer to the float.
Ingestion of lead - sinkers, split shot and jig heads - accounted for about 70 percent of the dead adults from fresh water.
ALDRIDGE company Dinsmores is known for its split shot but it is one of the few companies still designing and manufacturing fishing tackle in the UK - most is made in China these days.