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An irregularly shaped spot, stain, or colored area.
tr.v. splotched, splotch·ing, splotch·es
To mark with splotches or a splotch.

[Perhaps blend of spot, blot and botch.]

splotch′i·ness n.
splotch′y adj.
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Adj.1.splotched - marked with irregularly shaped spots or blots
patterned - having patterns (especially colorful patterns)
References in classic literature ?
But, sinister discovery, blood, still wet, splotched the magnificent jewels of the setting.
Harris's body was simply a chamois-pasture; his person was populous with the little hungry pests; his skin, when he stripped, was splotched like a scarlet-fever patient's; so, when we were about to enter one of the Leukerbad inns, and he noticed its sign, "Chamois Hotel," he refused to stop there.
The moon, a splotched wedge hung over the water, lit whiskers of clouds curled against it.
Villagers, wallflowers all, huddle under cotton quilts splotched with bougainvillea.
Howard also adds another nine-letter, one-syllable word, SPLOTCHED, to the previous list: STRENGTHS, SCREECHED, SQUELCHED, SCROUNGED, STRETCHED and SCRATCHED.
Colonel Saleh Salem, Chief of Police Operations in the northern emirate of RAK, said that unidentified men destroyed radars and splotched their lenses with red paint on Wednesday.
Red oak and splotched orange maple leaves-- we hike to where