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1. Spoken aloud, especially in performance: spoken-word poetry.
2. Performing or involving a performance of the spoken word: "Whenever [a newspaper] covers the poetry world, you can bet you will find spoken-word and street poets railing against the prudishness of the 'academic poets'" (Maureen McLane).
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He is arguably one of the most recognizable spoken-word poets and has won several national poetry-slam competitions.
Very special guests for the evening are Colourblind, thought provoking spoken-word poetry from this young collective fresh out of Excelsior School.
This was born out of the passion of three spoken-word artists, who teamed up to establish a poetry platform that promotes both writing and performing poems.
Audible and Ryerson are working together to evolve the performance acting curriculum to allow students to develop their skills in the fast-growing medium of spoken-word performance and production.
Syjuco, Maxine Syjuco and Julian Syjuco, was recently awarded Best Eclectic EP of the Year for its four-track spoken-word EP, and Best Producer of the Year for the band's principal composer and producer, A.G.
One of them involved Youth Slam, a global spoken-word poetry movement.
Now, what seems to be getting more of a buzz is not just her presentation of what customers receive when purchasing her book, but the free spoken-word poetry CD that comes inside of the package.
It gained popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s through "poetry slams," in which spoken-word artists would square off in on-stage duels.
"We thought it might suit Ian Rankin to do a spoken-word piece over the top of it.
A fixture in the New York City spoken-word scene and well-known from her appearances on HBO's Def Poetry Jam series, La Bruja's varied talents as an artist, actor and activist are brought to the fore in Brujalicious' mix of spoken-word and hip-hop over traditional 4/4 and reggaeton beats.
Her songs and spoken-word pieces prove that it's possible to be smarter than the average bear and still be accessible and entertaining.