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A man who speaks on behalf of another or others. See Usage Note at man.

[Probably spoke, past participle of speak + man.]


(ˈspəʊksmən) ,


or feminine


n, pl -men, -persons, -people or -women
a person authorized to speak on behalf of another person, group of people, or organization


(ˈspoʊks mən)

n., pl. -men.
a person who speaks for another or for a group.
usage: See -man.


1. 'spokesman'

A spokesman is someone who is asked to speak as the representative of an organization or group of people.

A spokesman for the school said the expulsions were a precautionary measure.
'We regret the heavy loss of life and call upon all involved to show respect for the rule of law,' a White House spokesman said.
2. 'spokeswoman'

In the past, spokesman was used to refer to both men and women, but it is now hardly ever used to refer to women. A female representative is now usually referred to as a spokeswoman.

A spokeswoman said official grant figures might need to be revised.
A police spokeswoman said 'This man is extremely dangerous.'
3. 'spokesperson'

Spokesperson is a fairly new word which can refer to either a man or a woman.

A spokesperson for the regime said that there was an explosion in an ammunition depot.
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Noun1.spokesman - a male spokespersonspokesman - a male spokesperson      
spokesperson, representative, interpreter, voice - an advocate who represents someone else's policy or purpose; "the meeting was attended by spokespersons for all the major organs of government"


A person who speaks on behalf of another or others:
Informal: mouthpiece.
...مُتَحدِّثٌ بِاسْمِناطِق بِلِسان
talsmaîur, formælandi
tiskovni predstavnik
người phát ngôn nam


[ˈspəʊksmən] N (spokesmen (pl)) → portavoz mf, vocero mf (LAm)
to act as spokesman forhablar en nombre de
they made him spokesmanlo eligieron para hablar en su nombre


[ˈspəʊksmən] nporte-parole m inv


n pl <-men> → Sprecher m; to act as (a) spokesman for a groupals Sprecher einer Gruppe auftreten


[ˈspəʊksmən] n (-men (pl)) → portavoce m inv


(ˈspəuksmən) feminine ˈspokeswoman noun
a person who speaks on behalf of a group of others. Who is the spokesman for your party?


...مُتَحدِّثٌ بِاسْمِ mluvčí talsmand Sprecher εκπρόσωπος τύπου portavoz puhemies porte-parole glasnogovornik portavoce スポークスマン 대변인 woordvoerder talsmann rzecznik porta-voz представитель talesman โฆษกชาย sözcü người phát ngôn nam 发言人
References in classic literature ?
Stow this gab," roared Hook, and the spokesmen were dragged back.
LAHORE -- The spokesmen for the Punjab government and National Accountability Bureau, Lahore, Friday issued separate versions regarding Thursday's statement of the NAB chairman .
Many spokesmen in government still operate within this framework.
He previously served as one of DoD's top spokesmen under Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and as chief spokesman and public affairs advisor to Admiral Mike Mullen throughout his tenure as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff," Hagel said.
Official spokesmen, namely that of the foreign ministry, cannot express personal views, Abdulati said, noting he is compelled to refrain from answering a question regarding some issues if the guidelines given to him warrant abstention from talking publicly about the matters.
Among others, the roster includes government spokesman Stefanos Stefanou, the spokesmen of political parties, of the police, the Fire Department, the National Guard, and journalists.
Government spokesmen were unable to say Wednesday whether any of the California objects really came from Columbia.
The defensive explanations of Catholic spokesmen have been nothing short of surreal.
Krupp spokesmen said the most impressive feature of the redesign is the machine's optional nozzle-changing system, in which the extruder head is preheated and transported on a carriage suspended below the platform to the accumulator head, where it is installed using a quick-action clamping system.
Government spokesmen were unable to say whether any of the California objects really came from Columbia.