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Of, relating to, or consisting of spondees.

[French spondaïque, from Late Latin spondaicus, alteration of spondīacus, from Greek spondeiakos, from spondeios, spondee; see spondee.]


(Poetry) prosody of, relating to, or consisting of spondees


(spɒnˈdeɪ ɪk)

also spon•da′i•cal,

of, pertaining to, or consisting of spondees.
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Adj.1.spondaic - of or consisting of spondees; "spondaic hexameter"
metrics, prosody - the study of poetic meter and the art of versification
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Legenda: ASPA = Avaliacao Simplificada do Processamento Auditivo; TPD = Teste Padrao de Duracao; TPF = Teste Padrao de Frequencia; RGDT = Random Gap Detection Test; FR = Fala com Ruido; FF = Fala Filtrada; DNV = Dicotico nao-verbal; DCV = Dicotico Consoante-vogal; DD = Dicotico de Digitos; SSW = Staggered Spondaic Word Test; GIN = Gaps in Noise e TDAH = Transtorno de Deficit de Atencao e Hiperatividade.
Testing for central auditory function was carried out, including assessment of binaural integration using the staggered spondaic word (SSW) and dichotic digits (DD) tests.
Invitum qui servat idem facit occidenti: Horace's only example of that Hellenistic mannerism, the spondaic hexameter; see Duckworth 1965, 74.
But he, in liberty of song, Fearless of death or other wrong, With full spondaic toll Poured forth his mighty soul: Poured forth the strain his dream had taught, A nome (26) with lofty passion fraught Such as makes battles won On fields of Marathon.
Speech reception thresholds (SRTs) were obtained in quiet using recorded Central Institute for the Deaf Spondaic Word List W-1 spondaic words, and word recognition scores (WRSs) in quiet were obtained using recorded lists of 50 Northwestern University Auditory Test No.
Regarding the auditory processing tests, it was observed that the Staggered Spondaic Word SSW [20,21] and Speech in Noise [15,19] were the most used tests.
countenance of a soup spoon, lead my heart through enjambment, spondaic,
t since tt in such cases makes position: butte can occur in spondaic but not in iambic endings.
The spondaic feet "Reigns that" and, in the preceding line, "Stick deep" establish the emphatic opposition between the virtuous self-mastery of Banquo and the "unmann'd" (3.
Yet her own haunting spondaic rhythm serves as a quiet drum roll for the funereal list of family members that follows, until the style metamorphoses within a page, in Ruth Stone's account of her grandfather's westering to a land of "uncountable mountains" (4).
That "but," in terms of emphasis, changes his spondaic (though punning) "I am" to a more trochaic "[no,] / am; I am," suggesting that if one is far from normal, then the other cannot be.
An exploration of the anxious delight of inevitable perpetual change, the poem celebrates the ongoing metamorphosis that announces itself in the first two words, "Flow, flow," foregrounded by their opening repetition and spondaic meter (a sort of counterpoint to Tennyson's "Break, break, break/On thy cold grey stones, O Sea