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also spon·doo·licks  (spŏn-do͞o′lĭks′, -dyo͞o′-)
pl.n. Slang
Money; cash.

[Perhaps from obsolete slang spondylics, coins piled for counting, probably from Greek spondulos, vertebra, in humorous reference to the resemblance between a stack of coins and the vertebral column.]
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, spondulix
pl (hum inf)Piepen pl (inf)
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CYCLING is pointing the way forward for those who are interested in making oodles of spondoolicks out of sport.
I think we must have had a secret millionaire visit Teesside this season and dish out some spondoolicks, because the financial outlay must have hit home hard with the numbers that have attended virtually two games a week since the start of the season.
She really cares - although that doesn't apparently involve anything such as downsizing to say, oh maybe a pounds 30million hovel, and giving the resultant 15million spondoolicks directly to those in need.
To get into the castle, you have to shell out a whole lot of spondoolicks. (Frogspawn doolicks, in fact.
And that's even before I've had the chance to properly absorb the details of how our brave new age of austerity is going to hit me in the spondoolicks.
Those who suggest that a contestant intent on winning the Miss World title, and the millions in spondoolicks that invariably follow in its wake, is being taken advantage of must be plain barking.
The Tote's bean-counters won't like the idea, but they have already ladled out the spondoolicks - around pounds 6 million of them - in a welcome bid to shake off their old fuddy-duddy image.
Get some serious sparkle for your spondoolicks with Rimmel's latest budget must-buy, Shine Temptation Stars.
So when the National Botanic Garden in Llanarthne in deepest Carmarthenshire, funded with our spondoolicks, boasts it's "only an hour from Cardiff", it would do well to remember it's a good four hours from many other parts of the country.
WE see that the Executive is doling out extra spondoolicks to Supporters Direct, a group whose aim is to get fans more involved in the running of football clubs.
The term house doctor has crossed over into everyday parlance and, countrywide, home owners are high on the scent of spondoolicks and magnolia paint fumes.