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also spon·doo·licks  (spŏn-do͞o′lĭks′, -dyo͞o′-)
pl.n. Slang
Money; cash.

[Perhaps from obsolete slang spondylics, coins piled for counting, probably from Greek spondulos, vertebra, in humorous reference to the resemblance between a stack of coins and the vertebral column.]


, spondulix
pl (hum inf)Piepen pl (inf)
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Plus, how does he imagine these 'global commercial brands' keep the spondulicks pouring in, for his PS7m-a-year salary and afford him an 'unlimited' transfer budget?
Skilled people will be needed to pick out what tiny insignificant nothings will become intergalactic trends that end up making gazillions of spondulicks.
Here he returns to those quiz show roots as the host of ITV's new afternoon brain-drain, pitting four normal contestants against evil genius-sized super brains in order to snaffle thousands of spondulicks.
So it would be a decent gesture if, when our Ken deservedly lays his hands on the spondulicks, he gets in touch with Jack, buys him a pint and gives him a few thousand as one punter to another.
Now my friends, this is not pretend money lost on credit to be paid at some later date - this is real spondulicks because on the exchanges you have to have the money deposited up front.
The grudgier the grudge the higher the profile, and high profile equals spondulicks (endless gratis plugs for Australian pole-vaulter Tatyana Grigorieva's non-athletic activities would cost her a fortune at commercial rates).
For the next nine years, apparently, the world will hurl spondulicks uswards because a large golfing gig is heading this way.
Why should the 18th Duke of Spondulicks and the 22nd Earl of Plunder and Booty make decisions about our lives?