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Noun1.sponge mop - a wet mop with a sponge as the absorbentsponge mop - a wet mop with a sponge as the absorbent
mop, swob, swab - cleaning implement consisting of absorbent material fastened to a handle; for cleaning floors
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Sponge mop head & handle small strands like thread, white can easily absorb water, good quality, durable, for wet & dry, yellow color handle, removable head thru screw thread
The Quick 'n Easy Roller Mop features an easy-pull wringer and an angled sponge mop that allows for better contact with the floor.
A string mop or a sponge mop with a wringer is ideal for cleaning vinyl floors," Londress says.
His "piss paintings," influenced by Neo-Dadaist artists and Pablo Picasso, caused him to paint with a sponge mop.
Apply it with a sponge mop and let it dry--no buffing required.
uk, 0800 515 300) THIS squeeze-action sponge mop is a pretty basic design, but does the job well and cleans floors efficiently and is small enough to reach awkward areas.
At Ambiente, the company will debut a click system that includes a stick good with the ability to switch out the attachments to get a sponge mop, a squeeze mop and others.
Simply release the cleaning solution onto the floor, scrub the area with the sponge mop head, then activate the vacuum squeegee to suck up the dirty water in seconds--leaving behind a clean, dry, streak-free floor.
I roared at them but they just hissed and spat at the mangled sponge mop.
Since cleaning is not one of their favorite tasks, a sponge mop that makes the job less of a chore is very desirable," says Mike Leacoma, product manager for household cleaning products at Rubbermaid's Home Products division.