sponge off

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Verb1.sponge off - clean with a sponge, by rubbing
rub - move over something with pressure; "rub my hands"; "rub oil into her skin"

w>sponge off

vt sep stain, liquidabwischen
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He tried to sponge off of me, but I put a stop to that good and quick," Von Schmidt had said to the reporter.
Ken Craig, by email AIF IT'S really heavy grease use sugar soap, and mix it so it's concentrated then simply sponge off the grease.
Ken Craig, by email AIF IT'S really heavy grease use sugar soap, and mix it it's concentrated then simply sponge off the grease.
They sponge off their kids "All the people that don't live on the benefits of hard working people, like the Bedworth population, sponge off their kids and rely on them to bring in the income to waste it on weed or any other drug that kills them faster then the morons that drive about like boy racers or ride on their little bikes thinking they're 'phat.
Nearly all lack any shred of talent and are happy to sponge off their parents for as long as they can.
That includes meeting the divers who hunt for natural sponge off the tiny island of Pserimos, and learning how declining stocks are affecting the population.
In the case of true champions, small squads of cleaners are employed to sponge off any poo from irreverent seagulls that happens to splatter these statues.
He's been looking for a place of his own because he's adamant that he doesn't want to sponge off her.
Christo and Jeanne-Claude--never to be confused with those who sponge off public funds because their ridiculous schemes simply couldn't succeed in a free-market environment--put questions of economic self-sufficiency at the very heart of what they do.
I don't want to sponge off the State, but what option do I have?
During the wintertime, sponge off salt stains with clear water.
Seems Blair resents the fact that he can't afford a pad in Chiantishire (Tuscany) along with all the other well-heeled Socialists who have second homes there, so it's become traditional for Tony, Cherie and fam-ily to sponge off whichever Italian politician offers free board and lodgings during August.