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adj. spong·i·er, spong·i·est
Resembling a sponge in elasticity, absorbency, or porousness.

spong′i·ness n.
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Noun1.sponginess - the porosity of a sponge
porosity, porousness - the property of being porous; being able to absorb fluids
2.sponginess - the property of being able to occupy less space
softness - the property of giving little resistance to pressure and being easily cut or molded
òaî aî vera svampkenndur
sünger gibi oluş


[ˈspʌndʒɪnɪs] Nesponjosidad f


nNachgiebigkeit f, → Weichheit f; (of pudding)Lockerheit f; (of skin etc)Schwammigkeit f


(spandʒ) noun
1. a type of sea animal, or its soft skeleton, which has many holes and is able to suck up and hold water.
2. a piece of such a skeleton or a substitute, used for washing the body etc.
3. a sponge pudding or cake. We had jam sponge for dessert.
4. an act of wiping etc with a sponge. Give the table a quick sponge over, will you?
1. to wipe or clean with a sponge. She sponged the child's face.
2. to get a living, money etc (from someone else). He's been sponging off/on us for years.
ˈsponger noun
a person who lives by sponging on others.
ˈspongy adjective
soft and springy or holding water like a sponge. spongy ground.
ˈspongily adverb
ˈsponginess noun
sponge cake, sponge pudding
(a) very light cake or pudding made from flour, eggs and sugar etc.
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The players' legs were sore because it was such a demand on the limbs due to the sponginess," he told the Derry Journal.
The encapsulated air adds sponginess to the otherwise rigid material.
Without it, the heart tissue produced by the precursor cells develops a sponginess that compromises the heart's ability to contract tightly and pump blood efficiently.
Thus, it could be a very long day for His Sponginess and Nielsen's lawyers.
To show you the long legs of Maall Road with the kind of stubble I know you'll find sexy for its i-don't-give-a-f**k flair; to slide with you into the inner crevices of the reddened walls of purana Lahore and spot that one blue kite flying amidst the orange heat; to feel the moist sponginess of the monsoon air; to tickle the erect tips of Badshahi Masjid's minarets; to kiss with our mouths open and catch the smoke of centuries on our tongues--you see, when it comes to Lahore, even the cliches feel so good
It was a bit crispy around the edges, dry in the middle and just lacked the taste and sponginess that you would expect.
Instead, you feel a subtle tick, a gentle thump, sponginess, or slightly heavier weight.
And I was also bowled over by the Kashmiri rista subs served with mooli- akhrot chutney ( the sponginess of the rista complemented the softness of the bread, and the accompanying chutney brought a whiff of Kashmir to the table).
Nitrogen, season and cultivar affect radish growth, yield, sponginess and hollowness".