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adj. spong·i·er, spong·i·est
Resembling a sponge in elasticity, absorbency, or porousness.

spong′i·ness n.
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Noun1.sponginess - the porosity of a sponge
porosity, porousness - the property of being porous; being able to absorb fluids
2.sponginess - the property of being able to occupy less space
softness - the property of giving little resistance to pressure and being easily cut or molded
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òaî aî vera svampkenndur
sünger gibi oluş


[ˈspʌndʒɪnɪs] Nesponjosidad f
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nNachgiebigkeit f, → Weichheit f; (of pudding)Lockerheit f; (of skin etc)Schwammigkeit f
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(spandʒ) noun
1. a type of sea animal, or its soft skeleton, which has many holes and is able to suck up and hold water.
2. a piece of such a skeleton or a substitute, used for washing the body etc.
3. a sponge pudding or cake. We had jam sponge for dessert.
4. an act of wiping etc with a sponge. Give the table a quick sponge over, will you?
1. to wipe or clean with a sponge. She sponged the child's face.
2. to get a living, money etc (from someone else). He's been sponging off/on us for years.
ˈsponger noun
a person who lives by sponging on others.
ˈspongy adjective
soft and springy or holding water like a sponge. spongy ground.
ˈspongily adverb
ˈsponginess noun
sponge cake, sponge pudding
(a) very light cake or pudding made from flour, eggs and sugar etc.
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This helps in making the batter fluffy and to get the sponginess in Mysore bonda.
Air can compress, which causes sponginess feel on the pedal and severely reduced braking efficiency.
For someone who's used to using a mechanical keyboard, the sponginess was a little weird at first, but after using the laptop for well over a week, it felt like a really good keyboard to type on.
I felt a bit of sponginess when driving at a rapid clip, but there was still that palpable sense of control.
Initial take-up is clean and smooth, and the wall breaks crisply and without sponginess. Overtravel can be tuned.
"The players' legs were sore because it was such a demand on the limbs due to the sponginess," he told the Derry Journal.
During this session, the panel decided to use 10 attributes (i) appearance: inner color and piece size; (ii) flavor: mushroom ID (flavor resembling that of freshly picked mushrooms), fresh, fried, nutty, earthy, and burnt, and (iii) texture: hardness and sponginess. Reference products of these attributes, with intensity similar to those of the samples under evaluation, were prepared and provided to the panel.
When evaluating the texture of the bread crumb in sensory evaluation, improved elasticity, softness, and sponginess are the main parameters considered to determine the quality of the product.
The encapsulated air adds sponginess to the otherwise rigid material.
Without it, the heart tissue produced by the precursor cells develops a sponginess that compromises the heart's ability to contract tightly and pump blood efficiently.
Thus, it could be a very long day for His Sponginess and Nielsen's lawyers.