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a. Any of numerous aquatic, chiefly marine filter-feeding invertebrate animals of the phylum Porifera, characteristically having a porous skeleton composed of fibrous material or siliceous or calcareous spicules and often forming colonies attached to an underwater surface. Also called poriferan.
b. A piece of the absorbent skeleton of certain of these organisms, or a piece of plastic or another material that is similar in absorbency, used for cleaning, bathing, and other purposes.
2. Metal in a porous, brittle form, as after the removal of other metals in processing, used as a raw material in manufacturing.
3. A gauze pad used to absorb blood and other fluids, as in surgery or the dressing of a wound.
4. A small absorbent contraceptive pad that contains a spermicide and is placed against the cervix of the uterus before sexual intercourse.
5. Dough that has been or is being leavened.
6. A light cake, such as sponge cake.
7. Informal One who habitually depends on others for one's own maintenance.
8. Slang A person who drinks large amounts of alcohol.
v. sponged, spong·ing, spong·es
1. To moisten, wipe, or clean with a sponge or cloth: sponge off the table.
2. To remove or absorb with a sponge or cloth: sponge off the sweat; sponge up the mess.
3. To apply or daub with a sponge: sponge paint on the wall.
4. Informal To obtain free, as by begging or freeloading: sponge a meal.
1. To harvest sponges.
2. Informal To obtain something such as food or money by relying on the generosity of others: sponged off her parents.

[Middle English, from Old English, from Latin spongia, from Greek spongiā, from spongos.]


[ˈspʌndʒɪŋ] Ngorronería f
References in classic literature ?
But, he was on his feet directly, and after sponging himself with a great show of dexterity began squaring again.
He remembered no mention of the weaver between them since the time, twelve years ago, when it was their boyish sport to deride him; and, besides, his imagination constantly created an alibi for Dunstan: he saw him continually in some congenial haunt, to which he had walked off on leaving Wildfire--saw him sponging on chance acquaintances, and meditating a return home to the old amusement of tormenting his elder brother.
I'm to be a poor, crawling beggar, sponging for rum, when I might be rolling in a coach