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Any of the embryonic epithelial cells that give rise to the neuroglia.

[Latin spongia, sponge; see sponge + -blast.]


(Biology) any of numerous columnar epithelial cells in the brain and spinal cord that develop into neuroglia
[C20: from Greek spongia sponge + -blast]
spongioblastic adj
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Noun1.spongioblast - any of various columnar epithelial cells in the central nervous system that develop into neuroglia
columnar cell, columnar epithelial cell - an epithelial cell that is shaped like a column; some have cilia
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During embryogenesis the neuroectoderm divides to give rise to neuroepithelium which further divides into neuroblast, the spongioblast and the primitive ependymocytes.
Other histologic findings can include ependymal cells, choroid plexus papillary projections, ganglion cells, oligodendrocytes, spongioblasts, and pigment epithelium.