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a.1.Somewhat spongy; spongelike; full of small cavities like sponge; as, spongious bones.
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Wenige medizinische Laien wissen, dass ein Teil des Schadeldachs eine spongiose Knochenschicht enthalt, die Diploe heisst, eigentlich nichts weiter als das griechische Wort fur ,doppelt'.
Exoskeleton of head region encased with small plates and platelets, partly possibly with tesserae; trunk and tail covered with tesserae and scales; upper layer of tubercles or elongate dentine ridges of fine dentine tubules arranged in bunches; dentine and pulp canals wide; middle and lower (basal) layers of spongiose aspidine; vascular canals either vertically or horizontally stretched.
Juvenile tesserae and scales usually have a very thin spongiose layer, with vascular canals piercing it (Fig.
Effects of silicate-supplemented seawater on the longevity and weight gain of spongiose radiolarians.