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(ˈspʌndʒɪəs) ,




spongy or relating to a sponge
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Leukemic cell infiltration to the spongious tissue of the bone, or the paracrine excretion of lymphokines and parathormone-related peptides, or parathormon excreted from leukemic cells or ectopically produced, might all explain the low BMD values at the diagnosis [11].
Doppler ultrasonography (USG) showed two completely developed penises, two cavernous bodies, one spongious body, and normal vascular supply to each penis.
The iliac crest holds a reservoir of spongious bone that is frequently used as a source of bone autograft, providing extracellular matrix (for osteoconduction), growth factors (modulating bone healing as per osteoinduction), and patient's cells (leading to local osteogenesis).
Elasticity and spongious nature of lung tissue allow enlargement of cyst, particularly in childhood.
The firm was awarded for its innovation - soft spongious and slightly sweet meringue type confectionary named Zephyr - in the French Innovation Corner contest, hosted by Business France, a French government agency tasked to boost France's export economy.
The spongious mature type or cancellous osteoma is composed of softer bone with intertrabecular hematopoietic bone marrow or fat (1).
Assessment of the available bone (height, width, relative quality of the cortical and spongious parts)
Young's Poisson Characteristic modulus (MPa) ratio (v) strength (MPa) Enamel 84100 0.33 42.41 Dentin 18600 0.32 44.45 Vita Blocks Mark II 71300 0.23 118.65 Lava Ultimate 12700 0.45 300.64 Vita Enamic 37800 0.24 193.45 Spongious Bone 1370 0.3 Cortical Bone 10700 0.3 Periodontal ligament 68.9 0.45 Gutta Percha 0.69 0.45 Weibull References modulus (m) Enamel 5.53 [1,17] Dentin 3.35 [1,17] Vita Blocks Mark II 19.90 [18] Lava Ultimate 10.90 [18] Vita Enamic 18.80 [18] Spongious Bone [2] Cortical Bone [19] Periodontal ligament [2] Gutta Percha [20] Table 2: Number of elements and nodes of the models.
A lesion consisted of a collection of large venous and capillary sized vessels scattered haphazardly throughout the soft tissue, striated muscle, and spongious bone.
Histologically, these lesions are made from dense trabeculae of the spongious bone, sometimes forming a nidus that cannot communicate with the bone marrow [12].