spongy parenchyma

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spong·y parenchyma

A leaf tissue consisting of loosely arranged, irregularly shaped cells that have chloroplasts. The spongy parenchyma has many spaces between cells to facilitate the circulation of air and the exchange of gases. It lies just below the palisade layer. Also called spongy mesophyll. See more at photosynthesis.
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It was also observed that the greater thickness of the spongy parenchyma also increases the photosynthetic rate due to the existence of more chloroplasts in the mesophyll (OGUCHI et al., 2006, HIKOSAKA et al., 2014).
The mesophyll is composed of 3-4 layers of palisade parenchyma cells under the upper epidermis and spongy parenchyma cells with wide intercellular spaces.
TABLE 1: Thickness of the central rib (NC), vascular bundle (FV), mesophyll (MS), palisade parenchyma (PP) and spongy parenchyma (PL), in leaves of Theobroma speciosum pasture (P) and dense rain forest (F).
Arrow heads indicate chloroplasts homogenously distributed throughout the palisade parenchyma in figures (A), (B) and (D) and preferentially distributed closer to the paravenal parenchyma in figure (C); (E-H) samples stained with Coomassie blue highlighting palisade parenchyma (pp), spongy parenchyma (sp) and paravenal parenchyma (pv).
Spongy parenchyma is 4-6 layered, large celled, oval shaped and with less chloroplast.
The cells of the spongy parenchyma are loosely arranged with many intercellular spaces, with four layers facing the abaxial surface.
Results showed that pathogen colonized substomatal and intercellular spaces of the spongy parenchyma cells when initial water soaking symptoms developed at 2-3 days after inoculation.
3A and 3B), each one made from 13 successive histological slices (117 pm in total thickness), we found that in mango leaves the SB was able to traverse through the palisade and spongy parenchyma and through vascular bundles until it reached the opposite epidermis where the path was lost.