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One in a scarlet cap bent over it, steadying the jagged rock which was balanced on the spoon-shaped end of the long wooden lever.
Melt-in-Your-Mouth Sugar Cookie Spoons The delicious taste of sweet, baked Christmas cookies is captured in the Limited Edition Sugar Cookie Flavor Candy Melts candy and made into edible candy spoons with a microwaveable Spoon-Shaped Silicone Candy Mold.
Iron deficiency is also associated with koilonychias, which is a nail disease characterized by spoon-shaped nails.
This is according to researchers at the University of Nottingham who have devised equations to identify the physical laws that govern nail growth, and used them to throw light on the causes of some of the most common nail problems, such as ingrown toe nails, spoon-shaped nails and pincer nails.
Spoon-shaped nails, meanwhile, are a "very important sign" of severe iron deficiency anaemia, which is the most common type.
The spoon-shaped leaves are great in a salad bowl, on a sandwich, or in a stir-fry.
Early versions were marrow spoons: they had a spoon-shaped bowl at one end and a narrow scoop at the other forming the handle with which to extract the marrow.
They produce densely packed rosettes of spoon-shaped leaves and flower freely in shades ranging from pink and red to white, cream and yellow.
Fab spoon-shaped brush: if you twist it as you apply, you get no clumps no matter how many layers.
Genital setae: Spoon-shaped, slightly tetrahedral, ca 6 mm long, 0.
In addition to the long, pointy sabers, these included spoon-shaped incisors associated with modern herbivores, as well as large crowned teeth linked to animals like today's grass-eating cows.
chest, whispered in his spoon-shaped ears that it was easy to catch a