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[Obsolete spoon, to run before the wind + drift.]


(Physical Geography) a less common variant of spindrift
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Noun1.spoondrift - spray blown up from the surface of the sea
spray - water in small drops in the atmosphere; blown from waves or thrown up by a waterfall
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29 March 2019 - California, US-based Spoondrift, an ocean data startup, has merged with California-based underwater drone maker OpenROV to form Sofar Ocean Technologies, the company said.
She cocked her head into the night and sniffed theair, smelling the spoondrift blowing in from the sea.
It was 1969 and from Alley Pond Park, at one moment, Ismail and Carlos tossed a pigskin under a row of elms and over the highway and then, in another moment, kicked it soccer style over another row of elms and over the same highway, so in the next room Allie Sherman (came through) resigned as coach of the Football Giants as his star running back, Alex "Red" Webster, took over, only to have the team collapse that season, while the children fell out of their wheelchairs and wept on the unswept floors, the pigskins floating in the winter spoondrift across Ocean Highway and inside the Dark Courtyard of the Asylum of Credemore.