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A transposition of sounds of two or more words, especially a ludicrous one, such as Let me sew you to your sheet for Let me show you to your seat.

[After William Archibald Spooner (1844-1930), British cleric and scholar.]


(Linguistics) the transposition of the initial consonants or consonant clusters of a pair of words, often resulting in an amusing ambiguity of meaning, such as hush my brat for brush my hat
[C20: named after W. A. Spooner (1844–1930), English clergyman renowned for slips of this kind]


(ˈspu nəˌrɪz əm)

the transposition of initial or other sounds of words, as in a blushing crow for a crushing blow.
[1895–1900; after W. A. Spooner (1844–1930), English clergyman noted for such slips]


the transposition of initial or other sounds of words, usually by accident, as “queer dean” for “dear Queen.” [After the Rev. W. A. Spooner, 1844-1930, noted for such slips.] — spoonerize, v.
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The unintentional, often ludicrous, transposition of the opening sounds of two or more words, as in “tons of soil” instead of “sons of toil;” named for W.A. Spooner (1844–1930), an English clergyman renowned for doing this.
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Noun1.spoonerism - transposition of initial consonants in a pair of words
slip of the tongue - an accidental and usually trivial mistake in speaking


[ˈspuːnərɪzəm] Ntrastrueque m verbal, trastrueque m de palabras


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-The best spoonerism I've heard came from my sister while she was house-hunting recently.
One of my favorite varieties of spoonerism is the narrative form, in which a setup is followed by a punned punch line.
QUIZ OF THE DAY: 1 Transvaal; 2 Eric Cantona; 3 Jackie Stewart; 4 A fish; 5 Spoonerism; 6 Strictly Come Dancing; 7 Denmark; 8 The chimpanzee; 9 Handel; 10 Arnhem.
MY most unfortunate spoonerism was when I said to my New Year's Eve guests: "Help yourselves do some farty pood!" No one fancied it after that.
Last summer on my weekly puzzle segment on NPR's "Weekend Edition Sunday" I ran a creative competition involving spoonerism riddles.
MY worst spoonerism was while trying on a low-cut top.
1923: Spoonerism. Mixed-up words, after Rev W A Spooner.
Potter even has the nerve to introduce swearing by spoonerism through old pal Roy Hudd who gets his words mixed up as literary agent Ben Baglin.
At this writing, 850 comments are posted, although I didn't spot any that noted that the joke is a spoonerism.
This book contains about 200 original and adapted story program activities for use with children, such as movement and musical activities, fingerplays, poems, imagination exercises, participation stories, felt stories, spoonerism stories, and library raps.
Hmm, that's a SPOONERISM. What is it in ordinary English?
She turn some cooking an hour Hence the arrival last night of The Big Family Cooking Showdown, which is not only a potentially vulgar spoonerism waiting to happen to some poor BBC announcer but also a pretty sly Bake Off spoiler.