also spoon·ey  (spo͞o′nē)
adj. spoon·i·er, spoon·i·est
1. Enamored in a silly or sentimental way.
2. Feebly sentimental; gushy.
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"And not the first either," said Ensign Spooney to Ensign Stubble.
Stubble and Spooney thought that to be a "regular Don Giovanni, by Jove" was one of the finest qualities a man could possess, and Osborne's reputation was prodigious amongst the young men of the regiment.
Well, Stubble and Spooney and the rest indulged in most romantic conjectures regarding this female correspondent of Osborne's-- opining that it was a Duchess in London who was in love with him--or that it was a General's daughter, who was engaged to somebody else, and madly attached to him--or that it was a Member of Parliament's lady, who proposed four horses and an elopement--or that it was some other victim of a passion delightfully exciting, romantic, and disgraceful to all parties, on none of which conjectures would Osborne throw the least light, leaving his young admirers and friends to invent and arrange their whole history.
"Spooney!" said the clerk, in a low voice, giving him a stir with his elbow.
("Spooney!" added the clerk again, with another stir.)
He would never go far along that road again; but a man likes to assure himself, and men of pleasure generally, what he could do in the way of mischief if he chose, and that if he abstains from making himself ill, or beggaring himself, or talking with the utmost looseness which the narrow limits of human capacity will allow, it is not because he is a spooney. Fred did not enter into formal reasons, which are a very artificial, inexact way of representing the tingling returns of old habit, and the caprices of young blood: but there was lurking in him a prophetic sense that evening, that when he began to play he should also begin to bet--that he should enjoy some punch-drinking, and in general prepare himself for feeling "rather seedy" in the morning.
"No; I'd better say something spooney to quiet her." He considered again, added a line, and brought his hand down on the table with a cheery smack.
There is no doubt whatever that I was a lackadaisical young spooney; but there was a purity of heart in all this, that prevents my having quite a contemptuous recollection of it, let me laugh as I may.
But there was something that made the offerings of DJ Spooney feel like they belonged.
Long runs by Kachmer (32 yards) and sophomore John Spooney (19) got the Bears moving.
Billy Steel fished from a private boat, the Spooney J out of Amble and, using a jigger, had a 12lb ling.
In addition to Spooney's, R&R has also announced a new licensing agreement for a line of natural, low fat frozen desserts originally presented by 24-year old entrepreneur Kirsty Henshaw on the popular UK reality TV show "Dragon's Den." The show features entrepreneurs pitching their products to the show's judges who happen to be potential investors.