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Noun1.Spoonflower - tropical American aroid having edible tubers that are cooked and eaten like yams or potatoesspoonflower - tropical American aroid having edible tubers that are cooked and eaten like yams or potatoes
aroid, arum - any plant of the family Araceae; have small flowers massed on a spadix surrounded by a large spathe
genus Xanthosoma, Xanthosoma - tropical American tuberous perennials
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A sweet pieated dress is perfect for any occasion, and this one is completely customizable using Spoonflower fabrics.
Then find fabric print or solid from the Spoonflower library, available through Sprout, or upload your own image for the fabric print.
As well as Control4 Thomas also serves on the boards of McClatchy (NYSE-American:MNI) and privately held Spoonflower. Thomas graduated from Boston University and received her MBA from the Northwestern University Kellog School of Management.
In 2008, Stephen Fraser was inspired to launch his own surface design company called Spoonflower, which has been featured in the New York Times and on the "Today" show.
Check Spoonflower.com for fabric yardage and wallpaper with pop art prints from new designers.
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Or, choose a solid for the entire garment, using Spoonflower design tools to perfectly match the main thread color you've chosen.
Creeping Cinquefoil print is available from Spoonflower: www.spoonflower.com.