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also spoon·ey  (spo͞o′nē)
adj. spoon·i·er, spoon·i·est
1. Enamored in a silly or sentimental way.
2. Feebly sentimental; gushy.


(ˈspuːnɪ) or


adj, spoonier or spooniest
foolishly or stupidly amorous
n, pl spoonies
a fool or silly person, esp one in love


or spoon•ey

(ˈspu ni)

adj. spoon•i•er, spoon•i•est. Informal.
1. sentimentally amorous.
2. foolish; silly.
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In short, I began the process of ruining myself in the received style, like any other spoony. I had not, it seems, the originality to chalk out a new road to shame and destruction, but trode the old track with stupid exactness not to deviate an inch from the beaten centre.
I even walk, on two or three occasions, in a sickly, spoony manner, round and round the house after the family are gone to bed, wondering which is the eldest Miss Larkins's chamber (and pitching, I dare say now, on Mr.
"I thought you were bosom friends, and as spoony as ever."
Not that Tom was moulded on the spoony type of the Industrious Apprentice; he had a very strong appetite for pleasure,--would have liked to be a Tamer of horses and to make a distinguished figure in all neighboring eyes, dispensing treats and benefits to others with well-judged liberality, and being pronounced one of the finest young fellows of those parts; nay, he determined to achieve these things sooner or later; but his practical shrewdness told him that the means no such achievements could only lie for him in present abstinence and self-denial; there were certain milestones to be passed, and one of the first was the payment of his father's debts.
And if you're a fan neither of her nor such spoony eggs, you can keep cooking the latter until they are firm enough for you.
MUSIC from Damage, DJ Spoony and Mike Delinquent got the crowds going at this year's Love 4 Music festival.
Throughout November, Bakermat, Laidback Luke, Kissy Sell Out, DJ EZ and Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago, Anton Powers, DJ Spoony and Futuristic Polar Bears will perform.
Festival-goers braved the rain in Sefton Park, and were treated to sets from (below, l-r) Elisabeth Troy, Raheem Alameen, Sweet Female Attitude and Garage Classical, with DJ Spoony james maloney
And he claims the surface will frustrate flair players such as Michael O'Halloran who set up Spoony's leveller in the 1-1 draw with Dundee in Perth on Friday.
The Union has also called on former Radio One's DJ Spoony to create a bespoke musical arrangement for the lightshow, which will be revealed when the lights go down before the anthems and in the final moments before the rival rugby nations kick off at 8.05pm.