spore sac

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Noun1.spore sac - organ containing or producing sporesspore sac - organ containing or producing spores
reproductive structure - the parts of a plant involved in its reproduction
macrosporangium, megasporangium - a plant structure that produces megaspores
microsporangium - a plant structure that produces microspores
eusporangium - a sporangium that arises from a group of epidermal cells
leptosporangium - a sporangium formed from a single epidermal cell; characteristic of the Filicales or of almost all modern ferns
tetrasporangium - a sporangium containing four asexual spores
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Exoperidium splitting from middle into 57non-hygroscopic thick and more or less triangular armswith cracks and fissures on the upper surface in mature specimen often splitting to form collar or saucer shaped platform having the spore sac seated in it often the rays turn downward uplifting and exposing the spore sac.