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Adj.1.spore-bearing - bearing spores instead of producing seeds
flowerless, nonflowering - without flower or bloom and not producing seeds; "a flowerless plant"
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99%, all kinds of pathogenic microflora are suppressed, including the most stable forms of spore-bearing microorganisms, viruses and protozoa; high energy efficiency and disinfection rate - threshold bactericidal doses (energy in the bactericidal region of the spectrum, which causes the death of 90% of microorganisms) of pulsed UV radiation of the continuous spectrum is 10-20 times lower than similar doses for mercury lamps;
Rim of blood culture bottles Coagulase negative Staphylococci Water of condensation present on inner surface of blood culture Sterile bottles Water of condensation present on Aerobic spore-bearing bacilli the walls of refrigerator used to store blood culture bottles containing sterile enrichment broth Ventilators E.
In this case its (just as in case of all parasitic trunk species having one-year fruit bodies) spreading is limited with the time of fruit-bearing and spore-bearing and depends on air flow and migration of insects-mycetophages.
Sunday; David Wagner, local expert on spore-bearing plants, will identify and describe the importance of mosses, ferns and lichens to the ecosystem; meet at park's shelter; 541-688-0175.
Nonvascular plants are covered very briefly, followed by spore-bearing plants, seed-bearing plants and the major focus, flowering plants (basal dicots, monocots and eudicots).
Thus a single scale tree may be represented by a fossil stem called Lepidodendron, leaves called Lepidophyllum, and the spore-bearing organs Lepidostrobophyllum and Lepidostrobus, as well as the Stigmaria roots.
Experiments now show that these low-hanging leaves give the fungus prime conditions for growing a spore-bearing spike out of the ant's neck, says study coauthor David Hughes of Harvard University.
Microscopic examination at the district public health laboratory showed gram-positive, spore-bearing bacilli that were characteristic of Bacillus anthracis on 7 of 20 smears (5/10 from Sarkarpara and 2/10 from Charbinpara).
An ascospore is a spore contained in an ascus, or which was produced inside an ascus--the spore-bearing cell produced in ascomycete fungi.
This succession consists of only spores and spore-bearing plants found in the lower layers, followed by spores and gymnosperm pollen in rocks that have only fern-like plants and gymnosperms, and then, in the upper portions of the fossil record, spores and pollen from gymnosperm and flowering plants in association with vegetative material of the same plants.
In recent years, SEB has expanded its portfolio to incorporate probiotics, including Lactobacillus sporogenes, a spore-bearing probiotic that is resistant to the low pH of the stomach.
This pretty orangey-yellow mushroom has folds in its spore-bearing surface rather than gills, and sometimes smells reminiscent of apricots.