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A young plant, fungus, or other organism produced by a germinated spore.
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Phytochromo-mediated regulation of cell division and growth during regeneration and sporeling development in the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha.
The coatings applied using both application methods were tested for Ulva sporeling removal after 28 days of water immersion.
Studies on spore release and sporeling growth from carpospores of Gracilaria foliifera (Forsskal) Borgesen Var.
Such a hypothesis is also supported by the fact that the position of the first roots of a fern sporeling have a comparable positional relation to the blastozones of their first leaves.
Fulford focused on the taxonomy of leafy liverworts of Latin America and also on sporeling development, regeneration, nutrient studies, and the phylogeny and evolution of liverworts.
Red algae never grew much larger than the sporeling stage in the fish-dominated treatment.
A wide range of relationships can occur: from generalized epilithic grazers that control algal vegetation at the sporeling stage to epiphytic grazers that have less influence on the composition and abundance of plants (Creese 1980, Branch 1981, Hawkins and Hartnoll 1983).
Germination characteristics and sporeling success in Azolla filiculoides Lamarck, an aquatic invasive fern, in a Mediterranean temporary wetland.
27) The ease of removal of sporeling biomass was quantified by application of hydrodynamic forces using a water-jet apparatus (28) modified for use with array panels.
We note that the temporal window of most sporeling recruitment coincides with low abundances of amphipods, isopods, and herbivorous gastropods (see Results, also Vadas 1992).
Floracarus perrepae can form full or partial leaf roll galls on sporelings of several Lygodium species but when mature plants of the same species were tested F.