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 (spə-rŏg′ə-nē, spô-, spō-)
Reproduction by multiple fission of a spore or zygote, characteristic of many apicomplexan parasites. Sporogony results in the production of sporozoites.

spo′ro·gon′ic (spôr′ə-gŏn′ĭk) adj.


(spɔːˈrɒɡənɪ; -ˈrɒdʒ-; spə-)
(Biology) the process in sporozoans by which sporozoites are formed from an encysted zygote by multiple fission


(spəˈrɒg ə ni)

(in certain sporozoans) the multiple fission of an encysted zygote or oocyte, resulting in the formation of sporozoites.
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Eimeria life cycle is quite complex comprising of endogenous stage (gametogony and schizogony) and exogenous stage (sporogony).
High altitude regions have been protected from malaria endemicity because parasite sporogony and vector development are inefficient in low temperatures.
Garman et al., "Population dynamics of sporogony for Plasmodium vivax parasites from western Thailand developing within three species of colonized Anopheles mosquitoes," Malaria Journal, vol.
The life cycle of all apicomplexans consists of 3 major phases: schizogony (an asexual phase with multiple mitoses), gametogony (a sexual phase involving progression from gametocytes to gametes which join to form a zygote), and sporogony (another asexual phase consisting of infective sporozoites forming within the zygote).
** Fraction of infected mosquitoes after duration of sporogony. ([dagger])([dagger]) Duration of vector's life, in days, after surviving the extrinsic incubation period, calculated as the negative logarithmic reciprocal of the daily survival -ln(p).