A motorboat designed for sportfishing.


n, pl -men
a man who fishes for sport or as a recreation only


(ˈspɔrtˌfɪʃ ər mən, ˈspoʊrt-)

a motorboat fitted out for sportfishing.
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From the perspective of a modern sportfisherman, "gladiator of the sea" is a great way to describe the swordfish: a powerful, determined fighter, capable of astonishing runs and leaps.
Most bear biologists in the region believe that the overall population is relatively healthy, and that pressure from sportfisherman in the area combined with hunting may be redistributing the bears, leading to a lower quality experience for those armed with nothing more than binoculars.
A master at discovering great local spots, Captain Ray is also an accomplished sportfisherman, capturing numerous first place wins with his team in challenging fishing competitions including the ESPN Billfish Extreme Release League Tournament and the World Sailfish Championship.
Although Hemingway was the swashbuckling man of letters and his guests were reserved and cautious men of science, Hemingway in the mid-1930s was at his peak as a vigorous and competitive sportfisherman and fully deserved Cadwalader's and Fowler's confidence, for the information he supplied went beyond the realm of sport and into the world of significant scientific discovery.
Pasqual Jimenez and his 48-foot Viking sportfisherman called the Big Fish to take him and his favorite planer out of the inlet where he trolls 800 to 1,000 foot of water along the Riviera Maya beach.
Raymarine's products are an essential piece of my success as a sportfisherman, and I think it's great that the IGFA is recognizing the significance of this technology within our sport.
Davis is now building a 45 foot express, a 50 foot express, a 50 foot sportfisherman, a 58 sportfisherman and the flagship 70 sportfisherman.