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Noun1.sports announcer - an announcer who reads sports news or describes sporting eventssports announcer - an announcer who reads sports news or describes sporting events
announcer - reads news, commercials on radio or television
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"I grew up watching him deliver contemplative and contextual prose with his famous short essays, bringing class and dignity to his industry," Jim Nantz, the lead CBS Sports announcer, said in a statement.
They also enjoyed their own walk-on with Sky Sports announcer John McDonald.
Hosted by TV sports announcer and former paratrooper John McDonald, the event is set to attract 200 business professionals from across the region.
It's alright to describe your child's play like a sports announcer but remember to avoid quizzing and asking questions.
The "Big House" moniker was coined by the very colorful ABC sports announcer Keith Jackson.
"Sports Announcer" Chance plays a basktetball sportscaster who knows nothing about hockey but must cover for the hockey reporter.
The late great sports announcer and Olympic star Mahmoud Bakr.
(38) Hoey was not the only sports announcer at WNAC that year.
Former paratrooper and TV sports announcer John McDonald hosted the event, which was also attended by the first beneficiary of The Wigley Support Fund, Lance Corporal Gavin Prue, who is studying for a career in cyber security.
Surprisingly, O'Leary's "survivor story" focuses on celebrating the heroes who intimately served him and his family--a dedicated Hall of Fame sports announcer, a visionary burn nurse and countless others.
It also has gems such as The Sports Announcer Database, which compiles silly shots of play-by-play and color commentators.
John McDonald, former Paratrooper and TV sports announcer, hosted the event and guests also heard from injured members of the Parachute Regiment.

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