sports jacket

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sports jacket

(Clothing & Fashion) a man's informal jacket, made esp of tweed: worn with trousers of different material. Also called (US, Austral, and NZ): sports coat

sports′ jack`et

a jacket with a notched collar, long sleeves, and a somewhat full cut.
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Noun1.sports jacket - lightweight single-breasted jacketsports jacket - lightweight single-breasted jacket; often striped in the colors of a club or school
jacket - a short coat
مِعْطَف رياضي ، جاكيت عادي يَوْمي
sportovní sako
sportjakki, stakur jakki
športové sako
spor ceket

sports jacket

sport jacket (Am) ngiacca sportiva


(spoːt) noun
1. games or competitions involving physical activity. She's very keen on sport of all kinds.
2. a particular game or amusement of this kind. Hunting, shooting and fishing are not sports I enjoy.
3. a good-natured and obliging person. He's a good sport to agree to do that for us!
4. fun; amusement. I only did it for sport.
to wear, especially in public. He was sporting a pink tie.
ˈsporting adjective
1. of, or concerned with, sports. the sporting world.
2. (negative unsporting) showing fairness and kindness or generosity, especially if unexpected. a sporting gesture.
sports adjective
(American also sport) designed, or suitable, for sport. a sports centre; sports equipment.
sports car
a small, fast car with only two seats.
sports jacket
a type of jacket for men, designed for casual wear.
ˈsportsman (ˈspoːts-) feminine ˈsportswoman noun
1. a person who takes part in sports. He is a very keen sportsman.
2. a person who shows a spirit of fairness and generosity in sport. He's a real sportsman who doesn't seem to care if he wins or loses.
ˈsportswear noun
clothing designed for playing sports in.
a sporting chance
a reasonably good chance.
References in classic literature ?
"Nor a mantle, nor a cape, nor a--how do you call it?--a sports coat?"
* Navy or grey blazers, tweed sports coats, and corduroy jackets are the basics to gear you up for office.
The collections include shirts by Alberto, pants by Haupt, sports coats by Carl Gross and knitwear by Codice.
Often you could not get into his room because he filed the jackets of suits, blazers, sports coats on the toppermost edge of the door while the trousers blossomed like plants in the window or under the bed, or wherever they happened to fall.
In recent years, men's suits, separates, sports coats and dress shirts showed successful performances, especially amongst younger men.
The athletes of your family can find on-trend fashion for all occasions, from casual polo T-shirts, chinos and sports coats, to sharp evening wear, across major designer brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren and Lacoste.