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A radio or television broadcast of a sports event or of sports news.

[sports, pl. of sport + (broad)cast.]

sports′cast′er n.


(Broadcasting) a radio or television broadcast consisting of sports news
ˈsportsˌcaster n


(ˈspɔrtsˌkæst, -ˌkɑst, ˈspoʊrts-)

a radio or television program consisting of sports news or commentary.
[1940–45; sports + (broad) cast]
sports′cast`er, n.
sports′cast`ing, n.
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Noun1.sportscast - a broadcast of sports news or commentary
newscast - a broadcast of news or commentary on the news
Verb1.sportscast - broadcast a sports event
broadcast, air, transmit, beam, send - broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television; "We cannot air this X-rated song"


[ˈspɔːtskɑːst] N (US) → programa m deportivo
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In 1977, he won the Associated Press award for Best Sportscast in Texas.
DFL subsidiary Sportscast, which produces all Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 matches, has launched an audio production system, where live tracking data on players is used to set the correct input levels for the microphones used to record what is going on in the field.
He called 12 World Series, plus multiple major fights, and he was there for the first coast-to-coast sportscast, the 1927 Rose Bowl.
NSSF's Shooting Sportscast "Pistol Shooting Drill" with SIG SAUER Academy, and a public awareness campaign on behalf of the Connecticut Firearms Industry won three Telly Awards, including the coveted Silver People's Telly for the "Pistol Shooting Drill" video.
Gronk comes with a presence that makes everyone around him better according to stats splashed across every local sportscast heading into training camp.
Gaer is the creator of Redify's SportsCast line of Personal Sports Broadcasting(sm) apps for Apple's iPhone.
KATV won first-place awards in the categories of spot news, enterprise or investigative, elections and politics, doc-umentary, continuing coverage, sports coverage, sportscast, weather segment, non-spot photography and website.
And even though coverage isn't paramount in promo video as it is in a sportscast, artistic impression means little without technical merit (unless you're trying to impress folks who disdain it).
Ray Mooney (University of Texas) presented language-learning systems that learn from sentences paired with ambiguous, naturally occurring perceptual environments, such as sportscast in simulated RoboCup games and navigation directions in virtual world settings.
It also received 10 first-place awards: breaking news, sports reporting, investigative reporting, continuing coverage, hard news, hard news feature, sportscast, news writing, light news feature and best use of online medium for
Two days later, you are watching a live sportscast of your favorite baseball team, playing at the local stadium.