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1. A man who is active in sports.
2. A person whose conduct and attitude exhibit sportsmanship.

sports′man·like′, sports′man·ly adj.
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n, pl -men
1. (General Sporting Terms) a man who takes part in sports, esp of the outdoor type
2. (General Sporting Terms) a person who exhibits qualities highly regarded in sport, such as fairness, generosity, observance of the rules, and good humour when losing
ˈsportsman-ˌlike, ˈsportsmanly adj
ˈsportsmanˌship n
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(ˈspɔrts mən, ˈspoʊrts-)

n., pl. -men.
1. a person who engages in sports, esp. hunting and fishing.
2. a person who exhibits qualities of fairness, courtesy, and grace in winning and defeat.
sports′man•like`, sports′man•ly, adj.
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Noun1.sportsman - someone who engages in sportssportsman - someone who engages in sports  
athlete, jock - a person trained to compete in sports
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رَجُلٌ رِيَاضِيّرَجُل مولَع بالرِّياضَهشَخْص ذو روحٍ رياضِيَّه
sportovec-kyněpravý sporotvec
sportembersportolósportszerû ember
sporcusportmen kimse
nam vận động viên


[ˈspɔːtsmən] N (sportsmen (pl)) → deportista m
the sportsman of the yearel deportista del año
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[ˈspɔːrtsmən] nsportif m
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[ˈspɔːtsmən] n (-men (pl)) → sportivo
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(spoːt) noun
1. games or competitions involving physical activity. She's very keen on sport of all kinds.
2. a particular game or amusement of this kind. Hunting, shooting and fishing are not sports I enjoy.
3. a good-natured and obliging person. He's a good sport to agree to do that for us!
4. fun; amusement. I only did it for sport.
to wear, especially in public. He was sporting a pink tie.
ˈsporting adjective
1. of, or concerned with, sports. the sporting world.
2. (negative unsporting) showing fairness and kindness or generosity, especially if unexpected. a sporting gesture.
sports adjective
(American also sport) designed, or suitable, for sport. a sports centre; sports equipment.
sports car
a small, fast car with only two seats.
sports jacket
a type of jacket for men, designed for casual wear.
ˈsportsman (ˈspoːts-) feminine ˈsportswoman noun
1. a person who takes part in sports. He is a very keen sportsman.
2. a person who shows a spirit of fairness and generosity in sport. He's a real sportsman who doesn't seem to care if he wins or loses.
ˈsportswear noun
clothing designed for playing sports in.
a sporting chance
a reasonably good chance.
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رَجُلٌ رِيَاضِيّ sportovec sportsmand Sportler φίλαθλος deportista urheilija sportif sportaš sportivo スポーツマン 스포츠맨 sportman idrettsmann sportowiec desportista, esportista спортсмен idrottsman นักกีฬา sporcu nam vận động viên 运动员
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A SPORTSMAN who had wounded a Squirrel, which was making desperate efforts to drag itself away, ran after it with a stick, exclaiming:
At this exposure of his hypocrisy, the Sportsman was so overcome with shame and remorse that he would not strike the Squirrel, but pointing it out to his dog, walked thoughtfully away.
In showing kindness to his cousins therefore he had the real satisfaction of a good heart; and in settling a family of females only in his cottage, he had all the satisfaction of a sportsman; for a sportsman, though he esteems only those of his sex who are sportsmen likewise, is not often desirous of encouraging their taste by admitting them to a residence within his own manor.
It had been made into a separate apartment by a glass partition, and here they found Watson sitting back in a chair, reading The Sportsman. He was a large, stout young man, elegantly dressed, and he looked up as Mr.
Rostov, with his keen sportsman's eye, was one of the first to catch sight of these blue French dragoons pursuing our Uhlans.
They heard a shrill whistle in the distance, and in the exact time, so well known to the sportsman, two seconds later-- another, a third, and after the third whistle the hoarse, guttural cry could be heard.
Now they pull up at a lodge, and take on board a well-muffled-up sportsman, with his gun-case and carpet-bag, An early up-coach meets them, and the coachmen gather up their horses, and pass one another with the accustomed lift of the elbow, each team doing eleven miles an hour, with a mile to spare behind if necessary.
Nor had he done it now, had not the younger sportsman, who was excessively eager to pursue the flying game, over-persuaded him; but Jones being very importunate, the other, who was himself keen enough after the sport, yielded to his persuasions, entered the manor, and shot one of the partridges.
In the future the "bat" is to be a boat, and the long-unheeded demand of the true sportsman for "no daylight under mid-keel in smooth water" is in a fair way to be conceded.
The ignorant or reckless sportsman often shoots the parent at such a time, and leaves these innocents to fall a prey to some prowling beast or bird, or gradually mingle with the decaying leaves which they so much resemble.
Here the old governor lorded it over sixty Russians, who formed the corps of the trading establishment, besides an indefinite number of Indian hunters of the Kodiak tribe, who were continually coming and going, or lounging and loitering about the fort like so many hounds round a sportsman's hunting quarters.
"My dear Samuel," said the sportsman, "your project is insane!