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1. A man who is active in sports.
2. A person whose conduct and attitude exhibit sportsmanship.

sports′man·like′, sports′man·ly adj.
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For this, we wish to commend your love for the game, concern for your fellow players and your dedication in promoting Philippine basketball in Qatar, which help enhance the relations between our two countries through sports and promoting sportsmanly conduct," Ambassador Timbayan said.
I shook her hand, everybody shakes each other's hand, but it's just a sportsmanly thing that you do."
The next year, when the Hindus won again, the Mahratta of Poona (mouthpiece of the radical nationalist Bal Gangadhar Tilak) sarcastically thanked `the sportsmanly insticts of the Englishmen who have these two years allowed the Hindus to stand on the same level as their rulers and sometimes to defeat [them], if nowhere else, at least on the cricket ground': Mahratta, 8 Mar.