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intr.v. spor·u·lat·ed, spor·u·lat·ing, spor·u·lates
To produce or release spores.

[From New Latin sporula, small spore, diminutive of spora, spore, from Greek sporā, seed; see spore.]

spor′u·la′tion n.
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Noun1.sporulation - asexual reproduction by the production and release of sporessporulation - asexual reproduction by the production and release of spores
agamogenesis, asexual reproduction - reproduction without the fusion of gametes
heterospory - the development of both microspores and megaspores
homospory - the development of a single kind of asexual spores
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To study the colony morphology, sporulation of the pure cultures was done by transferring a mycelial plug to 2% water agar (20g/L dH2O) mixed with sterile host material (citrus), branch sections (Mehl et al., 2011) and leaves (Inderbitzin et al., 2010).
Among the external factors, which influence the sporulation and growth of the fungi, temperature plays an important role.
Sporulation media preparation: Dubous salt medium was prepared in order to obtain the growth of Bacillus subtilis.
gloeosporioides isolates grew well at pH 5 while pH 6 was found preferred for the sporulation.18 In the present study, increased antimicrobial metabolites production was observed at pH 5, suggesting the acidophilic nature of A.
Asexual reproductive cycle in aspergilli can be divided into two stages vegetative growth and sporulation development.
peregrinus through the analysis of the biological characteristics, including colony growth rates, abundance of fungal sporulation, and fungal virulence to the target pest.
It is also possible that Crassostrea virginica is not the definitive host for Haplosporidium nelsoni, and an alternate host may be involved in which the complete life cycle is achieved and sporulation is regular.
While your human resources contact will likely not ask you about the difficulty you've experienced with sporulation in a Bacillus fermentation, common questions in this category would include interpersonal relations, communication style, public speaking skills, negotiation ability, and teamwork.
No germination factor but sporulation was used, which was the alcohol shock.