spot welder

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: welder - a welder who does spot welding
welder - joins pieces of metal by welding them together
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Some who don't have welders use solid rivets to attach them, but the most common method is to weld them in place with a MIG or resistance spot welder.
Costs tied to one commonly used robotics system, a spot welder, are expected to fall 22 percent between now and 2025.
Upon his return he worked for over thirty years at Wright Line as a spot welder retiring in 1990.
ABIRMINGHAM building claims business set up by a former Longbridge spot welder following a burglary at his parents' home has been sold in a PS35 million deal.
Adam Thompson, 21, a spot welder for Nissan from Gateshead, said: "I don't think they should go on strike.
SPOT welder Edward (Ted) Sayer has achieved an outstanding 40 years' service with Coventry-based Chinn Limited.
The news company, a subsidiary of the Industrial Leaders Group (ILG) said the welding equipment directory includes offerings for MIG (GMAW) welders, multiprocess, engine-driven, TIG (GTAW), stick, gas, laser and ARC welders, auto-darkening helmets, goggles, protective gear, gloves, vests, welding curtains, plasma cutters as well as welding guns & torches, induction heating, fume extractors, spot welder, submerged Arc, wire feeders and allied products such as carts, protective covers, workstations, remote controls, oxygen & acetylene tanks, safety clothing and consumables.
All equipment included, spot welder, spray booth, Touch Measurement System, Aluminum System, A/C machine, 4 post & 2 post lift, undercoating spray system, Grabber Frame System.
The state of the art equipment list includes: Viking Down-Draft Spray Booth, Shark Electronic Measuring System, Pro Spot Welder, 6 Post Versa Rack Frame Machine and a custom paint mixing room.
One of the criticisms of lasers is that they are more difficult to maintain than a spot welder, which is undoubtedly true, especially since there are so many people who have a strong familiarity with working on spot welding equipment.
Slocumb, a struggling mother of three and freelance spot welder, sues Mensa in 2010 when the high-IQ society rejects her membership application after she scores only 148 on a revamped IQ test.
Applications include hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder position feedback, robotic arm position, spot welder electrode position, and industrial and packaging, among others.