spotted sunfish

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Noun1.spotted sunfish - inhabits streams from South Carolina to Florida; esteemed panfish
freshwater bream, bream - any of various usually edible freshwater percoid fishes having compressed bodies and shiny scales; especially (but not exclusively) of the genus Lepomis
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The redbreast sunfish [right] and other species such as spotted sunfish and tadpole madtom have been shown to decline from flathead and blue catfish introductions in North Carolina.
Caption: Spotted sunfish, commonly known as stumpknocker, a small but aggressive sunfish common on woodsy creeks and rivers.
Seasonal dynamics and community structure of helminths of spotted sunfish, Lepomis miniatus (Osteichthyes: Centrarchidae) from an oligohaline estuary in southeastern Louisiana, U.S.A.
Variation of the spotted sunfish, Lepomis punctatus complex (Centrarchidae): meristics, morphometrics, pigmentation, and species limits.
A total of 56 fish representing nine species and three genera were collected, including: 23 Lepomis macrochirus (bluegill sunfish), 16 Lepomis megalotis (longear sunfish), five Lepomis gulosus (warmouth sunfish), two Lepomis punctatus (spotted sunfish), one Lepomis marginatus (dollar sunfish), three Pomoxis annularus (white crappie), one Pomoxis nigromaculatus (black crappie), one Micropterus salmoides (largemouth bass), and one Micropterus punctulatus (spotted bass).
Finally, my husband broke the monotony of cast, reel, cast, reel, repeat, hooking up with a spotted sunfish, all of three inches.