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Verb1.spotweld - make circular welds; "These pipes are only spotwelded"
weld - join together by heating; "weld metal"
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Methods and techniques on enhancing the vehicle stiffness have been studied and applied in vehicle design, such as designing the part thickness using tailored blanks, enlarging the cross section of enclosed structures, identifying and reinforcing the local joints, adding additional adhesive bonding besides spotweld connections, optimizing the spotweld spacing and locations, etc.
Safer car with improved spotweld rupture definition will give realistic results to physical situation.
Tenders are invited for Chiller unit for spotweld m/c
[9.] Norman, D.,"Modelling Spotweld Fracture Using CrachFEM" Proceedings of the 9th European LS-DYNA Conference 2013, 2013
Here, in a work-cell setup, the welding tool is moved around a part, stopping to make a spotweld or form a stud.
In the case of No.1/590Ma, fracture did not occur in the spot-welded specimen, but plastic deformation was observed around the spotwelded nugget.