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 (spou′zəl, -səl)
1. Of or relating to marriage; nuptial.
2. Of or relating to a spouse.
n. often spousals
Marriage; nuptials.

[From Middle English spousaille, marriage, from Old French espousaille, from Latin spōnsālia, betrothal, from neuter pl. of spōnsālis, of marriage, from spōnsus, past participle of spondēre, to pledge; see spouse.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) (often plural)
a. the marriage ceremony
b. a wedding
(Ecclesiastical Terms) of or relating to marriage
ˈspousally adv


(ˈspaʊ zəl)

1. nuptial; matrimonial.
2. Often, spousals. nuptial.
spous′al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.spousal - of or relating to a weddingspousal - of or relating to a wedding; "bridal procession"; "nuptial day"; "spousal rites"; "wedding cake"; "marriage vows"
2.spousal - relating to a spouse; "a fitting symbol of spousal love"


Of, relating to, or typical of marriage:
The act or ceremony by which two people become husband and wife.Often used in plural:
bridal, espousal, marriage, nuptial (often used in plural), wedding.


adj (esp US) → ehelich
References in classic literature ?
To the Nuptial Bowre I led her blushing like the Morn: all Heav'n, And happie Constellations on that houre Shed thir selectest influence; the Earth Gave sign of gratulation, and each Hill; Joyous the Birds; fresh Gales and gentle Aires Whisper'd it to the Woods, and from thir wings Flung Rose, flung Odours from the spicie Shrub, Disporting, till the amorous Bird of Night Sung Spousal, and bid haste the Eevning Starr On his Hill top, to light the bridal Lamp.
The Korean couple Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki have officially divorced without spousal support problem.
Talking to reporter, she said that the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES) in Pakistan, a national wide baseline study was conducted to provide a comprehensive assessment of the context and prevalence of gender -based violence (GBV) with focus on spousal violence.
A Michigan Court of Appeals panel vacated a post-judgment order awarding spousal support 37 years after a divorce.
There is an urgent need to make sure that when spousal abuse occurs in our society, it is addressed because no marriage is perfect.'
In reversing a post-decree modification of spousal maintenance, a helpful framework concerning a maintenance recipient's obligation to rehabilitate emerged.
At the same time as the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada ("IRCC") re-launches its popular Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship program, the fate of another popular program --the Inland Spousal Open Work Permit ("OWP") pilot program for spouses and common-law partners living in Canada--remains in limbo merely days before it is set to expire on January 31, 2019.
Alicia Silverstone's divorce to ex-husband Christopher Jarecki is being finalized, and among the conditions is a hefty amount of spousal support.
Last week, it was reported that Rodriguez was battling ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis over paying her $115,000 per month in child and spousal support.
Because there must be a request for relief pending at the time of the award, the circuit court erred in awarding spousal support to a wife because it granted a motion to strike her request before making the award.
Circuit Court of Appeals that declines to adopt a "joint participant" exception to the spousal testimonial privilege strikes the right chord in preserving the sanctity of marriage, notwithstanding the government's asserted needs to gather evidence in conspiracy cases.