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 (spou′zəl, -səl)
1. Of or relating to marriage; nuptial.
2. Of or relating to a spouse.
n. often spousals
Marriage; nuptials.

[From Middle English spousaille, marriage, from Old French espousaille, from Latin spōnsālia, betrothal, from neuter pl. of spōnsālis, of marriage, from spōnsus, past participle of spondēre, to pledge; see spouse.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) (often plural)
a. the marriage ceremony
b. a wedding
(Ecclesiastical Terms) of or relating to marriage
ˈspousally adv


(ˈspaʊ zəl)

1. nuptial; matrimonial.
2. Often, spousals. nuptial.
spous′al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.spousal - of or relating to a weddingspousal - of or relating to a wedding; "bridal procession"; "nuptial day"; "spousal rites"; "wedding cake"; "marriage vows"
2.spousal - relating to a spouse; "a fitting symbol of spousal love"


Of, relating to, or typical of marriage:
The act or ceremony by which two people become husband and wife.Often used in plural:
bridal, espousal, marriage, nuptial (often used in plural), wedding.


adj (esp US) → ehelich
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To the Nuptial Bowre I led her blushing like the Morn: all Heav'n, And happie Constellations on that houre Shed thir selectest influence; the Earth Gave sign of gratulation, and each Hill; Joyous the Birds; fresh Gales and gentle Aires Whisper'd it to the Woods, and from thir wings Flung Rose, flung Odours from the spicie Shrub, Disporting, till the amorous Bird of Night Sung Spousal, and bid haste the Eevning Starr On his Hill top, to light the bridal Lamp.
Generally speaking, Social Security spousal benefits equal 50 percent of a retired or disabled worker's benefit, and the survivor benefit 100 percent of a deceased worker's benefit.
Her creation, "Support Hound," provides attorneys with suggested amounts for spousal support payments based on information from previously decided divorce cases.
On the upside, remarriage offers protective benefits against subsequent AUD, researchers found, due to many marriage benefits, including spousal monitoring and moderating one another's health-related behaviors.
Another popular approach for married couples--filing restricted applications for spousal benefits--is still viable, but only for those who reached age 62 on or before January 1, 2016.
Objectives: We aimed at delineating: (a) gender differences in spousal burden in chronic schizophrenia, (b) contribution of coping mechanisms in burden experienced by the spouses of chronic schizophrenic patients, and (c) exploration of differential use of coping mechanisms across genders.
Ann, after reading an article online about spousal benefits, has decided to take her own benefit at age 62 and trade it for the larger spousal benefit at full retirement age (FRA).
They must contend with certain limits on obtaining a spousal guarantee.
Hunt says taking Social Security too early, or not coordinating spousal benefits can result in a married couple losing up to $100,000 in lifetime benefits.
In general, if you wait until full retirement age, the spousal benefit is equal to one half of what your spouse will receive at their full retirement age.
When asked whether a Muslim woman who had come to the UK on a spousal visa and had children without learning the language herself could be denied leave to remain, the prime minister said there would be no guarantee that those who did not improve their English could stay.
It's eliminating auxiliary benefits, like spousal benefits or widow's benefits or child benefits, including disabled child benefits, for people who put their retirement benefit in suspension.