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1. self-propelled
2. shore patrol
3. single pole
4. specialist
5. submarine patrol


abbreviation for
(Law) without issue
[from Latin sine prole]


abbreviation for
1. (Electronics) standard play: the standard recording speed on a VCR
2. (Commerce) starting price
slang Brit latest information


1. Shore Patrol.
2. Socialist Party.


or Sp.,

1. Spain.
2. Spanish.


1. special.
2. species.
3. specific.
4. specimen.
5. spelled.
6. spelling.
7. spirit.


without issue; childless.
[< Latin sine prōle]


N ABBR (Brit) =starting price
1. (Racing) → precio m de salida
2. (= information) what's the SP on him?¿qué sabemos acerca de él?
to give sb the SP on sb/sthdar a algn los datos de algn/algo


abbr of starting price
(Horse Racing) → Starterquote f
(inf: = information) what’s the SP on him?was erzählt man sich so über ihn?; to give somebody the SP on somebody/somethingjdm Infos über jdn/etw geben (inf)
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The SPP will be underwritten to A$3.5 million by Patersons Securities Limited ('Patersons') which is acting as Lead Manager and Underwriter to the offer.
This program will also cover the most common pitfalls of those who failed to put up an effective SPP and how one can avoid or improve their processes to achieve success in this important initiative.
Company directors resolved to increase the size the SPP and to scale back on a best as possible equal basis across all eligible shareholder applicants.
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