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1. self-propelled
2. shore patrol
3. single pole
4. specialist
5. submarine patrol


abbreviation for
(Law) without issue
[from Latin sine prole]


abbreviation for
1. (Electronics) standard play: the standard recording speed on a VCR
2. (Commerce) starting price
slang Brit latest information


1. Shore Patrol.
2. Socialist Party.


or Sp.,

1. Spain.
2. Spanish.


1. special.
2. species.
3. specific.
4. specimen.
5. spelled.
6. spelling.
7. spirit.


without issue; childless.
[< Latin sine prōle]


N ABBR (Brit) =starting price
1. (Racing) → precio m de salida
2. (= information) what's the SP on him?¿qué sabemos acerca de él?
to give sb the SP on sb/sthdar a algn los datos de algn/algo


abbr of starting price
(Horse Racing) → Starterquote f
(inf: = information) what’s the SP on him?was erzählt man sich so über ihn?; to give somebody the SP on somebody/somethingjdm Infos über jdn/etw geben (inf)
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Mowry has served as SPP program manager since it started in 2012 and has been instrumental in its creation and development.
SPP Livforsakring AB (STO:SPPL1), a company within the occupational pensions market in Sweden, announced on Friday that SPP Liv Fondforsakring AB has taken over its assets and liabilities by way of a merger.
The merged company has, on the same day, changed name to SPP Pension and FA[pilcrow sign]rsakring AB.
The SPP is the first and only Fair Trade system in the world to be created and governed by and for small producer cooperatives according to the principles of participatory democracy and self-management.
1m represents 75% of total applications monies received under the SPP and the company has scaled back all allocations under the SPP by 25% in determining the final allocations to all participating shareholders.
Kogi received SPP applications from existing eligible shareholders for 10.
The court inquired as to why SPP Chaudhry Azhar was not being provided security.
Though Acharya did not name those in the State government who had asked him to quit as SPP, only the Chief Minister has the authority to do so, as the Advocate-General is appointed by the Governor on the recommendation of the Chief Minister.
FERC has agreed with MISO that it can use SPP lines in order to incorporate Entergy.
In summary, on January 4, 2011, TSA provided us with an update on the status of its efforts to address seven limitations related to cost we cited in our report, as well as a revised comparison of costs for screeners at SPP and non-SPP airports.
Since 2005, the SPP working groups have made annual recommendations to the North American leaders on how to accomplish the goals of the SPP.
SPP makes performance planning part of the foreign policy process through such vehicles as the Performance Planning System, Project Horizon and the Program Evaluation Initiative.