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v. sprawled, sprawl·ing, sprawls
1. To sit or lie with the body and limbs spread out awkwardly.
2. To spread out in a straggling or disordered fashion: untidy tenements sprawling toward the river.
To cause to spread out in a straggling or disordered fashion.
1. A sprawling position or posture.
2. A usually disorderly or haphazard mass, array, or extension: a sprawl of outbuildings; urban sprawl.

[Middle English sprawlen, from Old English sprēawlian, to writhe; see sper- in Indo-European roots.]

sprawl′er n.
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Noun1.sprawler - a person who sprawls; "he is such a sprawler he needs a bed to himself"
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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'Isn't it enough to make a man crusty to see that little sprawler put up in the best business every night, and actually keeping money out of the house, by being forced down the people's throats, while other people are passed over?
Tramea, with sprawler habit, is present mainly in backwater areas of clay/sandy bottom, while Macrothemis has sprawler-burrowers habit, colonizing habitats with low current velocity with sandy and clayey characteristics (Carvalho & Nessimian, 1998).
In 2013, she purchased her current Manhattan residence, an elegantly proportioned 13-room sprawler at the tony River House in the Sutton Place neighborhood, which she snatched up for $10 million from late romance novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford.
Her sixth album is a 20-song sprawler that will leave you scratching your head as to why you aren't familiar with her.
The meaning: The sprawler dominates your relationship and they might be selfish and unaware of their partner's needs.
ALBUM OF THE WEEK WHITE RABBITS It's Frightening (Mute) BROOKLYN sprawler sextet White Rabbits break all the rules.
(a sprawler rather than a tree), and frequently on Caucanthus auriculatus Nied.
In the Libellulidae, the great majority of species belong to the sprawler type, resting upon the bottom substrate with their legs laterally extended (Cummins and Merritt, 1984; Carvalho and Nessimian, 1998).
This relative of the mophead hydrangeas is a sprawler that can extend to 80ft and cling to its host through aerial roots.
And there's also a handful of more adhoc, experimental tracks that hark back to 1978's eclectic sprawler Tusk, like Murrow Turning Over in His Grave, Red Rover and Come, where Bucks gets to take out his axe and thrash it like a good'un.