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Verb1.spray-dry - dry by bringing into the form of a spray, through contact with a hot gas
dry, dry out - remove the moisture from and make dry; "dry clothes"; "dry hair"
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Flavorings in the new line include parmesan liquid, parmesan emulsion, cheddar power, mozzarella emulsion, spray-dry bleu, spray-dry romano, spray-dry mozzarella, spray-dry parmesan, liquid cooked butter, liquid country butter, liquid toasty butter, powdered cooked butter, liquid cooked butter, spray-dry butter, liquid milk, powdered milk, spray-dry cheesecake, liquid yogurt and powdered yogurt.
Holsinger used the spray-dry technique to develop a whey/soy drink mix that was used as a dietary supplement for preschool children in developing countries.
The results showed that the Stabil-Lok flavor system provided more oxidative stability than did the spray-dry flavor.