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A comparative of spry.



adj. spry•er or spri•er, spry•est or spri•est.
nimbly energetic; agile; brisk.
[1740–50; orig. uncertain]
spry′ly, adv.
spry′ness, n.
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Some had been frankly told that they were too old, that a sprier man was needed; others had given occasion, by some act of carelessness or incompetence; with most, however, the occasion had been the same as with Jurgis.
com 968-3884 P South (801) Taylorsville, UT 968-3875 F 84129 7 Sprier Jon Starling Services (801) 17 E.
Sprier said advertising had been "twisted" to better suit younger consumers by listing all the excuses drinkers use to explain why they need a drink eg "I need a few drinks to loosen up".