spring back

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w>spring back

vi (person)zurückspringen; (in fear) → zurückschrecken; (object)zurückschnellen
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As he spoke a missive sped through a window and fell clattering upon his plate, causing him to spring back in alarm.
The elasticity of the reeds quickly recovering from the temporary pressure of our bodies, caused them to spring back to their original position; so that they closed in upon us as we advanced, and prevented the circulation of little air which might otherwise have reached us.
Defects related to sheet metal bending are spring back and thinning.
For example, stainless steel spring back is approximately 3 degrees for every 90 degrees of bend produced.
We now glory in the heroics of our Olympic athletes, making us so proud to be British, putting a spring back in our step.
I'm sure under any it will just inTO THE without diligent Eric "It's a big step to come back and I'm sure no-one is under any illusions that it will just spring back into the Premier League without a lot of hardship and diligent work.
SCORER Dan Godfrey says Pontypridd got the spring back in their step as they returned to winning ways against Llanelli at Sardis Road.
2 When fingerjointing, be careful to avoid "hydraulic" spring back of fingers.
Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes until they are golden brown on top and spring back when you tap them on top.
When squeezed, it should give in but spring back to its form again.
As per James Cooney, managing director, Cooney Marine, One of the things that I particularly like is the control system, it can bend and monitor bend angle and spring back at it bends to ensure a quality part first time, parts can be designed off line which will lead to more efficiencies through the production process .
They are both made of glass--but in the case of the golf clubs, it's a specialized product, called metallic glass, with the ability to bend considerably and spring back into its original form.