spring back

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w>spring back

vi (person)zurückspringen; (in fear) → zurückschrecken; (object)zurückschnellen
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As he spoke a missive sped through a window and fell clattering upon his plate, causing him to spring back in alarm.
The elasticity of the reeds quickly recovering from the temporary pressure of our bodies, caused them to spring back to their original position; so that they closed in upon us as we advanced, and prevented the circulation of little air which might otherwise have reached us.
It may not recover but I have seen plants spring back to life phoenix-like the following year.
They took a photo of the tree and watered it in the hope that it would spring back to life.
Dubai: Rory McIlroy says he's got the spring back in his step after returning from injury to finish tied for third in Abu Dhabi last week, ahead of this weekend's Omega Dubai Desert Classic at Emirates Golf Club.
Stent graft-induced new entry (SINE) is a new tear caused by the rigid stent graft itself when ends spring back to the initial form after they are passively bent along the aorta arch [15, 16].
Defects related to sheet metal bending are spring back and thinning.
There is a rule of thumb that needs to be considered when producing bends on tubing, which is that it will spring back. For example, stainless steel spring back is approximately 3 degrees for every 90 degrees of bend produced.
Fortunately for Ginebra, it doesn't have to wait for another week to spring back to action, with its duel against Mahindra slated on Friday.
We now glory in the heroics of our Olympic athletes, making us so proud to be British, putting a spring back in our step.
However, a trip back home to refresh himself, followed by a full pre-season of training, has put the spring back in the step of the former Parramatta playmaker who is ready to redeem himself, starting with a return to Headingley for the season opener.