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Noun1.spring scale - a balance that measure weight by the tension on a helical springspring scale - a balance that measure weight by the tension on a helical spring
balance - a scale for weighing; depends on pull of gravity
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The retention strength values in grams were recorded by using spring scale. T-test was used to determine the existence of difference of mean retention strength b/w the two forms of denture adhesive.
The toughness of bulbils and leaves was estimated with a leaf penetrometer constructed from a scale (Pesola Light Line Spring Scale, Pesola AG, Baar, Switzerland) attached to a steel probe with a blunt 0.5 mm diameter point.
Use a handheld spring scale to weigh your hive, and if it weighs more than this amount, you can remove the excess honey for your use.
We attached a recording spring scale to a mussel by placing a hook through a hole drilled in the exposed posterior lip of the shell.
I stood on the jack and had a student pull a spring scale attached to the jack lever.
The normal tension condition was accomplished by pulling the Velcro straps with a spring scale to a force level of 12 lb (~54 N) and latching them into place at this force level.
The Estilo Scale is a full-featured spring scale and comes with a multiuse, food-safe bowl.
We created two assessments that required a single class period to complete: a study of paper-towel absorption and a study of a spring scale. And we developed two assessments that required three class periods to complete: a study of melting ice cubes and a study of flatworm behavior.
Yes, they could weigh the objects or use a spring scale. The object with the most mass would be pulled the most by gravity.
Spring scale growth of sockeye salmon after the regime shift was relatively high immediately after entry of sockeye salmon into Bristol Bay and during their third year at sea, but spring growth was relatively low during the second year.
The receptacle tension tester, which is an adaptation of a simple spring scale, provides quantitative data on contact tension.
Live weight, defined as the weight of a recently harvested deer minus blood loss from the gunshot wound to the head, was measured using a spring scale. An electronic scale was used to determine carcass weight, defined as the weight of the eviscerated deer minus the head, hide, and feet.