spring to mind

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Verb1.spring to mind - be remembered; "His name comes to mind when you mention the strike"
appear - come into sight or view; "He suddenly appeared at the wedding"; "A new star appeared on the horizon"
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He will now go onto represent them in a different way, but when people talk of royals and the military, for me at least, Prince Harry will still instantly spring to mind.
Lorry loads of champagne and the world's best steak and chips spring to mind.
There is a healthy pool of C&D specialists - Sequential, Ayamzaman, Lil Risky and Glanmire Lad instantly spring to mind - seen week after week live on the channel and, whatever the outcome with Sky Sports, we will be privileged to see this competition.
Think Moroccan cooking, and the image of colourful spices piled up in a bustling souk may spring to mind.
"The two words that spring to mind are honour and privilege," he said.
The wrong policies cost political parties dear - tuition fees, 10p tax and Poll Tax spring to mind.
Herbs, courgettes, lettuce, runner beans and outdoor cucumbers immediately spring to mind.
Selfish and narrow-minded are words that spring to mind. Pension reforms must be adopted for the good of the country.
The words "on the rebound" spring to mind. Come on Vogue, fess up!
Byline: If I asked you to name a tennis star who started a fashion trend, which names would spring to mind?
Rural Warwickshire does not at first spring to mind as the most likely location of an industry dedicated to combating terrorism and nuclear war.