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Adj.1.spring-blooming - of plants that bloom during the spring
vernal - of or characteristic of or occurring in spring; "the vernal equinox"
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In contrast to these cultivars, the spring-blooming native wildflower fringed bleeding heart (dicentra eximia) can be a late summer/early fall rebloomer requiring no special attention.
Space them 15- to- 20 feet apart or from other spring-blooming trees.
Remove spent flowers from spring-blooming bulbs, but leave the remaining foliage to die back naturally.
Spring-blooming plants set their flower buds in mid- to late July.
Prune spring-blooming plants after their show-stopping floral display.
The Fourth of July is also a good time to make sure the trimming on spring-blooming shrubs is done.
One goal was to determine whether microbes that were frozen into the ice last fall would "seed" the annual spring blooms, or whether the spring-blooming microbes are actually present in seawater all year long.
We used the zNose to characterize the odor of several spring-blooming plants, and demonstrate its sensitivity to temporal changes in odor emission and ratios between scent constituents.
Flowering quince is Chaenomeles, that dense, thorny, spring-blooming shrub that comes in all those incomparably rich and tarty hot colors.
Don't lose sleep over not getting your spring-blooming flower bulbs planted yet.
The film is set in Berlin's spring-blooming Tiergarten; its only props are a playing card, a clothespin, a vintage German bicycle, a thermos, and last but not least, a blotter of lysergic acid diethylamide, which Graham casually drops on his tongue while reposing on a rock.
Biologists analyzing the spring-blooming plants' tentative comeback now believe they may have unearthed--literally--the roots of a natural, low-tech, and relatively low-cost strategy for cleansing oiled soil: plant cultivation.