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1. Sports
a. A flexible board mounted on a fulcrum with one end secured, used by gymnasts to gain momentum, as in vaulting.
2. Something that helps to launch a career or activity.
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1. (Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) a flexible board, usually projecting low over the water, used for diving
2. (Gymnastics) a similar board used for gaining height or momentum in gymnastics
3. (Forestry) Austral and NZ a board inserted into the trunk of a tree at some height above the ground on which a lumberjack stands to chop down the tree
4. anything that serves as a point of departure or initiation
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(ˈsprɪŋˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

1. a flexible board anchored at one end and used in diving and gymnastics for gaining height and momentum.
2. a starting point; point of departure, as for a discussion, argument, etc.
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Noun1.springboard - a flexible board for jumping upwardspringboard - a flexible board for jumping upward
board - a flat piece of material designed for a special purpose; "he nailed boards across the windows"
diving board - a springboard from which swimmers can dive
2.springboard - a beginning from which an enterprise is launched; "he uses other people's ideas as a springboard for his own"; "reality provides the jumping-off point for his illusions"; "the point of departure of international comparison cannot be an institution but must be the function it carries out"
commencement, start, beginning - the act of starting something; "he was responsible for the beginning of negotiations"
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لَوْح يَقْفِز عَنه اللاعِب الرياضيلَوْح يَقْفِز مِنْهُ السَّباحون
odrazový můstekskokanské prkno
odrazový môstik
odskočna deska


A. Ntrampolín m (fig) → plataforma f de lanzamiento
B. CPD springboard dive Nsalto m de trampolín
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[ˈsprɪŋbɔːrd] n
(in gym)tremplin m; (in swimming pool)plongeoir m, tremplin m
(fig)tremplin m
a springboard for sth → un tremplin pour qch
to be the springboard for sth → servir de tremplin pour qch, servir de tremplin à qch
a springboard to sth → un tremplin vers qchspring chicken n (humorous) to be no spring chicken → ne pas être un poulet de l'annéespring-clean [ˈsprɪŋkliːn]
ngrand nettoyage m (de printemps)
[ˌsprɪŋˈkliːn] vt [+ house] → nettoyer de fond en comble
vifaire un grand nettoyage (de printemps)spring-cleaning [ˌsprɪŋˈkliːn ɪŋ] ngrand nettoyage m (de printemps)
to do the spring-cleaning → faire le grand nettoyagespring equinox néquinoxe f de printempsspring greens npl (British)jeunes choux mplspring-loaded [ˌsprɪŋˈləʊdɪd] adjà ressortsspring onion n (British)oignon m vert, oignon m nouveauspring roll nnem m, pâté m impérialspring tide ngrande marée f
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[ˈsprɪŋˌbɔːd] ntrampolino
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(spriŋ) past tense sprang (spraŋ) : past participle sprung (spraŋ) verb
1. to jump, leap or move swiftly (usually upwards). She sprang into the boat.
2. to arise or result from. His bravery springs from his love of adventure.
3. to (cause a trap to) close violently. The trap must have sprung when the hare stepped in it.
1. a coil of wire or other similar device which can be compressed or squeezed down but returns to its original shape when released. a watch-spring; the springs in a chair.
2. the season of the year between winter and summer when plants begin to flower or grow leaves. Spring is my favourite season.
3. a leap or sudden movement. The lion made a sudden spring on its prey.
4. the ability to stretch and spring back again. There's not a lot of spring in this old trampoline.
5. a small stream flowing out from the ground.
ˈspringy adjective
1. able to spring back into its former shape. The grass is very springy.
2. having spring. These floorboards are springy.
ˈspringiness noun
sprung (sprŋa) adjective
having springs. a sprung mattress.
ˈspringboard noun
1. a springy type of diving-board.
2. a board on which gymnasts jump before vaulting.
spring cleaning
thorough cleaning of a house etc especially in spring.
ˈspringtime noun
the season of spring.
spring up
to develop or appear suddenly. New buildings are springing up everywhere.
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References in classic literature ?
She could even see the bathing-shed, but while she was looking for Charles's new springboard, the forehead of the hill rose up and hid the whole scene.
This made them leap from the springboard beyond their normal powers, hurting and straining and injuring them in their desperate attempt to escape the whip-lash, to beat the whip- lash in the air and be past ere it could catch their flying flanks and sting them like a scorpion.
Bankruptcy and repudiation are the springboards from which much of our civilization vaults and turns its somersets, but the savage stands on the unelastic plank of famine.
The Springboard Employment Center is an electronic means for connecting qualified people with disabilities and employers who are looking for qualified candidates.
Through Springboard's Emerging Choreographers program, a few dancers get the chance to make and present their own work, holding evening rehearsals with a cast of fellow students.
It follows the licensing of a new Springboard Trainers in Bahrain, taking the overall number of trainers in the Middle East to 75 women.
Each springboard unites an average of 15 companies in a region, amongst which discussions and group debates are organized.
Alexander Dobroskok of Russia followed with 414.21 for his second springboard bronze medal in Fukuoka.
By leveraging Handspring's Springboard expansion platform and integrating our own wireless technology, we are taking cordless telephony to the next level," said Edmund Ho, president & CEO of Arkon Networks, "The Parafone dramatically improves the consumer experience when compared to conventional cordless telephones available today."
"He's unusual in the sense that he's almost equally good in the springboard events as in the platform event.
But Springboard Publisher still lacks one key feature--a workable marketing strategy.
Springboard Publisher includes its own word processor so that you can enter text directly; or if you wish you can import text from MacWrite or Microsoft Word.