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(Botany) the wood that is produced by a plant in the spring and early summer and consists of large thin-walled xylem cells. Compare summerwood



the part of an annual ring of wood characterized by large, thin-walled cells formed during the first part of the growing season. Compare summerwood.
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The Springwood Car Park on Springwood Street, just yards from Huddersfield Leisure Centre, has capacity for almost 400 spaces.
June 17 & 18 ?Border Union championship show in Springwood Park, Kelso, at 9am.
They are considered together because so much of their content is about life in a seminary that no longer exists, St Columba's College, Springwood. One of them, the hefty 596-page volume edited by Paul Casey, also presents reminiscences about the other NSW seminary now also consigned to history, St Patrick's College, Manly.
I AM writing as a long suffering resident of Springwood, Llanedeyrn, where I have lived since 1970.
Pupils and staff celebrated the opening of the new Springwood Heath Primary School, in Allerton, which is the first school to be specifically designed and built to meet the needs of both mainstream and disabled pupils.
Zanzibar nightclub in Stockton has been rescued after owner Springwood Leisure was put into receivership.
Around pounds 6 million was wiped off the value of Springwood yesterday after the leisure group warned the City to expect disappointing fullyear profits.
Seamus Cahill's trio of Shopitaly, Springwood Coach and Top Jock all came safely through their first test, with Springwood Coach particularly impressive in recording 28.33sec.
Springwood, the birthplace and home of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, is a large, rambling structure faced with stucco and fieldstone, situated in a landscaped clearing on a bluff overlooking the Hudson River.
Richard King and Charles Fruehling Springwood in "Team Spirits: The Native American Mascot Controversy."
Preliminary round: (A) M Ralph 5 Springwood v J Kaye 4 Lindley Lib At Bradley & Colne, (B) A Chapman 4 Meltham v M McCluskey 3 Waterloo At Farnley Tyas, (C) J Baxter Scr Milnsbridge v E Haigh 2 Clayton West At Springwood.
SPRINGWOOD Heath is a haven for children with a variety of physical and medical conditions, enabling them to learn within a mainstream environment.