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adj. & adv. sprite·li·er, sprite·li·est
Variant of sprightly.

sprite′li·ness n.
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Despite a Green Archers surge in the fourth led by Andrei Caracut, Ildefonso had them at bay with back to back triples for the upper hand, 67-59 with 4:28 remaining while spritely guard Miguel Ocson sealed the victory canning two freethrows, 73-66 with 52 seconds left.
Allied to this spritely performance are a largely comfortable ride and some nimble handling which make the 308 an enjoyable car to drive for the most part, further enhanced by flicking the Eco/Sport drive mode selector in our GT Line test car into the Sport setting.
Morning after Golden Globes celebration was full of Filipino treats including this fun spritely lady with me ..
JAKKS has secured the exclusive global rights to produce figurines, playsets and accessories, vehicles, musical instruments, plush, every day dress-up, role play, arts & crafts, board games and accessories, Halloween costumes and accessories, outdoor/indoor furniture, wagons, ride-ons, play tents, ball pits, balls and outdoor games, all based on the spritely bird and her group of animal friends.
The last time I competed in what is euphemistically referred to as a "fun run" was way back in 1983, when as a spritely 26-year-old, I ran the Liverpool marathon - all 26 miles and lived to tell the tale!
The third movement sounds the most "mid-century" with spritely Bartokian rhythms and occasional twelve-tone tropes.
And although the Bulldogs lost again, this time to league leader Ateneo 85-72, Alejandro was spritely and couldn't help but applaud his teammates' efforts.
I wish the new team the very best of luck, you have the most attentive, fun and spritely listeners.
Last summer, a spritely presence enlivened the small and often dull circles of Washington's Israel-advocacy community.
Colour-coded enemies attack en mass, and spritely lead character Joule will have to match up the correct ammo and friendly bot against the foes in order to be effective.
The newscaster bops the night away with a spritely pensioner at this extravaganza, which recognises the UK's best Lottery funded projects.
The Spider is delightfully spritely to drive, jinking through corners and delivering the best from its short-throw, six-speed box and rear-wheel-drive set-up.